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Want to learn more about your LGBTQ ancestors and others who flew under the genealogical radar? New series shows you how

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

There is no thrill like finding out more about your ancestors. But traditional genealogy, which relies heavily on marriage and birth records, can leave out the rich stories of some of our forebearers.

Throughout 2021, the Ohio History Connection has offered up a series of workshops called Where My Single Folk?that are all about finding those family members who never married or passed away unmarried, including those who might have been LGBTQ. Using creative means of searching for details about their lives can lead to a more inclusive and complete family tree.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss Where My Single Folk? and their own personal experiences with genealogy are Ohio Lesbian Archives co-founder and Board President Phebe Beiser; Ohio History Connection Manuscripts Curator Karen Robertson; and genealogist and Where My Single Folk? presenter Stewart Blandón Traiman.

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