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Eco-Anxiety Over Climate Change Is A Growing Problem, But Help Is Out There


For the past 19 months the world has been gripped by a global pandemic. Face masks and social distancing have become a part of daily life. But for much longer, the world has been impacted by another crisis that also impacts daily life and threatens our health and the well-being of future generations: the climate crisis.

Researchers at Yale University and George Mason University have found the number of Americans who are very worried about climate change has more than doubled in recent years. Some experts call it "eco-anxiety" or "climate grief" and there are mental health experts and programs to help individuals who are suffering.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss eco-anxiety and climate grief is Psychiatrist and Co-founder of the Climate Psychiatry Alliance, an organization building a directory of climate-aware therapists, Lise Van Susteren, M.D.; with the Environmental Defense Fund Senior Climate Scientist and Boundless in Motion Zen Priest Dr. Kritee; and Northern Kentucky University student and Groundwork Ohio River Valley Climate Change & Green Infrastructure Impact Intern Jaeydah Edwards.

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