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Zoom fatigue: How to avoid video chat brain drain


Many of us have been living life for the past 19 months in a world of virtual meetings. We've been jumping from one video call to another, connecting with co-workers and classmates on our laptops, cellphones and other devices. If you're feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and a little grumpy with all of this screen time you're not alone. Jeremy Bailenson, a professor and founding director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, calls it Zoom fatigue.

Bailenson is studying why video chats may be draining our mental energy and he has published a paper suggesting how we can reduce this exhaustion. In it he outlines four possible reasons for Zoom fatigue. And now Bailenson has released a second studyfinding that women experience higher levels of Zoom fatigue than men.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss his research and how to reduce Zoom fatigue is Stanford University Department of Communication Thomas More Storke Professor and Virtual Human Interaction Lab Founding Director Jeremy Bailenson, Ph.D.

You can find out if you are experiencing Zoom fatigue by taking the Stanford Zef Scale survey to measure your fatigue and find solutions to help reduce it.

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