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Keeping housing on a moderate income is tough. A new initiative by The Port aims to help

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Keith Srakocic
The Port is taking on about $14.5 million in debt for the project.

It’s no secret that the housing market has heated up in the past few years, with prices rising and bidding wars between cash buyers and investment companies sometimes freezing out some home hunters.

Even before that, buying or renting a house was often prohibitively challenging for moderate-income households.

But there is a novel new initiative that could help lower-income families stay in affordable rental housing and even attain homeownership. Last month, The Port, an economic development agency in Hamilton County, announced it is in the process of purchasing 194 single family homes from an out-of-town investment group with the goal of making the tenants homeowners.

Joining Cincinnati Edition are President and CEO of The Port Laura Brunner; The Port Executive Vice President Philip Denning; and Price Hill Will Executive Director Rachel Hastings.

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