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Our gardening experts look ahead to spring and answer your questions


The ice storm earlier this month took down some trees and did damage to others. Now is a good time to evaluate those trees. But how do you determine if they are structurally sound? We have tips from the gardening experts on pruning and ways to provide additional support to branches.

Plus, now is a good time of year for pruning fruit trees. We'll discuss the methods. For more advice you can check out the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

Joining Cincinnati Edition for a full hour of the gardening show and your phone calls are Campbell County Extension Office Extension Agent Sarah Imbus; Turner Farm Community GardenProgram Director and Homeadow Song Farm Co-overseer Peter Huttinger; and Boone County Cooperative Extension Office Extension Agent David Koester.

You can join the conversation by calling 513-419-7100 or emailing talk@wvxu.org.

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