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For some Greater Cincinnatians, every day is Bike to Work Day


May 20 is National Bike to Work Day. But for some folks, that’s every day.

According to 2020 American Community Survey five-year aggregate data, roughly 9,000 workers in Hamilton County don’t have a car available to them and roughly 400 ride their bikes to work regularly.

That may sound like a tiny number, but it could be growing, given the nation’s continuing bike boom, increasing bicycle infrastructure in our region, widespread availability of e-bikes and growing awareness of the environmental impact of motorized vehicles.

There are many reasons why people ride a bicycle to and from work and other vital destinations: to get more exercise; because they can’t afford a car or don’t have a driver's license; to reduce their carbon footprint; or just because it’s fun.

But bike commuting in Greater Cincinnati presents challenges along with joys. Gaps in safe cycling infrastructure, inclement weather and danger from drivers on the roads are all part of a bicycle commuter’s calculus when riding to work.

Joining Cincinnati Edition are avid cycling commuter and Queen City Bike President Joe Humpert; long-distance bike commuter Daniel Iroh; and Wade Johnston from Tristate Trails. They'll talk about the benefits and challenges of commuting by bike, opportunities for improvement in Greater Cincinnati’s cycling infrastructure, and why bike commuting for some transcends a mere way to get to work and represents a distinct lifestyle.

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