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Electricity bills are rising. Here's how to stay cool and save money

a digital thermostat dial on white wall reads 63 degrees
Dan LeFebvre

This segment originally aired June 30.

Americans struggling with inflation are now seeing rising electricity bills. With temperatures increasing this summer, so is the cost to cool your home. Barclays Plc calculates that monthly bills will be more than 40% higher than last year’s. Duke Energy reports the cost for 1,000 kwh went up to $125 in June — that’s compared to $116 in June of 2021.

There are strategies and tips for lowering you bills and making you home more energy efficient. Duke Energy has advice on its website. And Working In Neighborhoods has workshops in its homebuyer’s class to help residents retrofit their homes.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss rising electricity costs and energy saving tips are Duke Energy Regional President Amy Spiller; and Working In Neighborhoods Executive Director Sister Barbara Busch.

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