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A new MLK memorial coming to Avondale touches on the civil rights leader's impact

A new memorial to MLK in Avondale, called "The Light of Hope," should be completed by August 2023, in time for the 60th anniversary of King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

Avondale will soon get a new memorial to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. — one that depicts King in a human-scale, approachable way while also honoring his enormous impact on America.

The city of Cincinnati selected design firm Re:Site to complete the statue, which will replace an earlier monument to King that had to be moved in 2017 as a new I-71 highway interchange was constructed.

A roughly life-sized statue of King at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Reading Road will stand among six stained glass pillars, each representing one of King's principles of non-violence.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss how the design for the statue came together — and how it reflects King's legacy both nationally and locally — are Re:Site co-founder Shane Allbritton; glass artist David Wilson; and bronze artist Stephen Hayes.

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