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What will work be like in a post-COVID world? Local experts have predictions

If you worked a job where you had to spend most of your time in a building with other people, you probably remember the day almost three years ago when everything shifted. Work from home became a necessity for many — not just a perk. And even if you've since returned to the office, there are likely new protocols and spatial arrangements to navigate.

A lot of questions come with the potential return to the office. What actually are the benefits of employees convening in the same building? Are some jobs better suited to working on-site instead of from home? Will employees who got accustomed to working from home accept the shift back to office life? Will work spaces need to be different than they were during the pandemic? Will some companies simply jettison expensive office space altogether and keep employees remote?

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss these questions and more are University of Cincinnati Professor of Operations, Business Analytics and Information Systems Michael Fry; University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner School of Business Professor of Management Suzanne Masterson; and University of Cincinnati Marketing Professor Jane Sojka.

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