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Our bike experts cycle back to take your winter riding and maintenance questions


It’s getting colder out there and the sun is going down a lot sooner. For a lot of folks, that’s when the bike goes down into the basement or up on a hook in the garage.

But you don’t have to say goodbye to bicycling just because it’s cold out — or even snowing.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to answer questions about biking in the winter — and general maintenance questions — are engineer and volunteer MoBo bike mechanic Fraser Cunningham; Village Green Board Chair Nate Kemphues; avid bike commuter Daniel Iroh; and Tristate Trails Communications and Events Director Caitlin Sparks.

Then — there are all kinds of reasons to ride a bike, and all kinds of people who do so.

But often, one or two stereotypes pop up when people think about the word “cyclist.” How can we expand the conversation and think about the diversity of cyclists out there? What are the various bicycling communities in Cincinnati, and how do they intersect on common interests?

Joining us to talk about those questions are cyclist Daniel Iroh; Queen City Bike Board Member Kathy Cunningham; MoBo volunteer and bike commuter Mike Bike; and Queen City Bike Executive Director Joe Humpert.

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