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Can coloring books help heal trauma?

In Fly We Trust Coloring Book
Courtesy Brandon Hill
In Fly We Trust Coloring Book

Local artist Brandon Hill began his career as an artist through activism while studying at the Northern Kentucky University, designing flyers for protests during the Cincinnati civil unrest of 2001. He used his art as a medium to express his outrage against what he saw as police brutality.

What was originally a tool to express himself became a tool for healing after surviving a horrific car crash in 2018. That experience inspired him to create a series of adult coloring books, hoping that his art could help others heal.

On Cincinnati Edition, we learn more about art therapy and how we can use creative expression to heal trauma.


  • Brandon Hill, artist and entrepreneur 
  • Ann Charlotte Tavolacci, licensed creative art therapist and fine artist

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Updated: November 15, 2023 at 12:26 PM EST
This segment first aired June 28, 2023.
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