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With a rise in cases of wild mushroom poisoning, here's what you need to know about foraging


Across Ohio, poison centers are seeing an increase in cases of people poisoned from eating wild mushrooms. Since the start of the pandemic, foraging has increased in popularity and more people are looking for wild mushrooms and other edible plants in local forests.

But the Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center cautions toxic mushrooms can look very similar to nontoxic ones and only an experienced mycologist can effectively differentiate the two.

On Cincinnati Edition, we discuss the precautions and the popularity of foraging for wild mushrooms and other edible plants. If you are interested in learning more about wild mushrooms, the Lloyd Library exhibition, "A Foray into Fungi," connects viewers with the culinary, medicinal, and cultural uses of mushrooms. There are several upcoming talks to accompany the exhibit. And the Cincinnati Nature Center has a class on Mushroom Foraging Basicscoming up Oct. 14.

We want to note that the discussion is meant to be general in nature and does not replace advice from poison control experts. For more information visit the Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center.


  • Nik Money, Western program director and professor of biology, Miami University
  • Crystal Davidson, mushroom hunter and member of the board of directors for the Ohio Mushroom Society
  • Jason Neumann, public programs manager, Cincinnati Nature Center

Miami University is a financial supporter of Cincinnati Public Radio.
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