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Dozens of North American birds are getting new names

"Anna's hummingbird" is one of dozens of bird species in North America slated to be renamed.
Robert D. McMorran
"Anna's hummingbird" is one of 60-70 birds in North America slated to be renamed.

Anna's Hummingbird, Gambel's Quail, Lewis's Woodpecker, Bewick's Wren and Bullock's Oriole are just a few of the dozens of bird species that will receive new monikers from the American Ornithological Society this year.

The project will focus on 70 to 80 bird species found in the U.S. and Canada. The decision is part of the society's broader effort to make birding and wildlife conservation more inclusive for people of all races.

On Cincinnati Edition, we learn more about the project and how it will potentially impact the birding community.


  • Lucinda Lawson, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Corina Newsome, conservation scientist, National Wildlife Federation 

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