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Rally towels and rally caps don't help: Reds lose to the Giants

Reds fans are reeling from the loss that eliminated Cincinnati from the playoffs.

Gene Mesh doesn't think Reds players had any fire in them after they left San Francisco.

"I think they're reading their own headlines after winning two out there."

He was very disappointed after the 6-4 loss to the Giants and so was Pete Pryval.

"Lost opportunity. We had plenty of chances and it didn't happen."

Reds Manager Dusty Baker says he's getting tired of the disappointments too.

"It hurts. I mean big time."

Right after the game Baker said he felt numb. In the Reds Clubhouse there was a lot of reflection going on.

Ryan Ludwick says, "We're all going to move on and that team over there is going to move on and eventually there's going to be a world series champion and it's not going to be us and that's kind of what our goal was and we're just going to have to wait."

Although disappointed, one fan said it's just a game and she'll be a fan forever.

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.