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Bengals fans are happier than most other NFL team supporters, survey says

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A new survey puts Bengals fans near the bottom of the list when it comes to the most miserable and saddest fans. Translation? Bengals are among the happiest fans!

Cincinnati is not among the most miserable and saddest fan bases. Find out what put Bengals fans at the bottom of two lists.

There’s a lot to smile about these days at Paul Brown Stadium. The Bengals are in the playoffs and fans think there’s a good chance the team can make it to the Super Bowl.

No mistake about it, Bengals fans know what being at the bottom is like. During a playoff drought from 1991-2004, loyal supporters changed teams or put bags over their heads.

It was such a disappointment following the Bengals run of 1990-91 with playoff appearances four times and two Super Bowl runs.

But now the team is back, and a new survey from Lineups.com finds Cincinnati fans are among the happiest. The online sports analytics company surveyed fans across the NFL and discovered Bengals fans were near the bottom of its Saddest Survey.

Bengals fans, according to this survey, don't do a lot of crying over their team.

Lineups asked more than 2,000 fans whether they’ve ever become emotionally upset while watching an NFL game. They also were asked to rank the most miserable fan bases in the league. Fifty percent of the respondents were male and 50% were female with an average age of 37.

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