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Some of the best - and worst - of the hi-tech gadgets available this holiday season

  Hard to believe that just a short time ago, the big hi-tech Christmas gift was the iPad, just that one model. Today, a hi-tech wish list can go on for pages: smartphones, smart watches, tablets, gaming systems, 3D printers, and new ways to control your lights, thermostat, or your entire home. And with all of those choices, finding the right gadget for the right person can get tricky. The USB-powered fiber optic Christmas tree looks cool in the catalog, but will it really be appreciated? And, seriously, who needs a can-opener you can control with your smartphone? Here to share some of the latest in hi-tech gifts this season are Dave Hatter, solution architect and partner with Definity Partners, LLC, and Phil Horney, director of technology at the NKU METS Center.