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A Preview Of NKU's Upcoming Six@Six Lecture "Robots For Positive Change"

Krista Rayford/NKU

From factories, offices and medical centers to our homes, cars and even our local coffee shops, robots and artificial intelligence are playing an increasingly greater role in how we work, live and play. 

Some view this as a threat, with automation eliminating jobs and making human workers obsolete. Others argue robots won't create mass unemployment but simply shift demand in the workforce, increase productivity and enhance the quality of our lives.

Tomorrow evening, as part of its Six@Six Lecture Series, the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagementat Northern Kentucky University will present a lecture on how robots can be used for positive change.

Joining us to discuss how robots in the workplace and in our homes will continue to change our lives are Northern Kentucky University Department of Communication Associate Professor Dr. Austin Lee and Adjunct Professor Anne Thompson; and from the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement at NKU, Assistant Director Collette Thompson.

The Six@Six lecture: Robots for Positive Change with Dr. Austin Lee will be held Wednesday, October 4, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at The Mercantile Library. For more information or to purchase tickets call 859-572-7847 or click here