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What Are The Prospects For Military Conflict And Competition In Space?

donald trump space
Courtesy of NASA
President Trump holds up Space Policy Directive-3 at the White House on June 18, 2018.

The Space Force is one of President Donald J. Trump's proposals for the U.S. military, but the country is no stranger to exploring space – and not just to plant Old Glory on the moon. The U.S. government has long used space for national security benefits, but what could happen if tensions on Earth expand beyond our atmosphere?

Recent trends indicate renewed threats from Russia, China and other potential global adversaries, according to Dr. Brian Weeden, the director of Program Planning for Secure World Foundation. He has nearly two decades of professional experience in space operations and policy, and will present Wednesday at a program hosted by the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council. Dr. Weeden’s presentation "Beyond Space Force" will examine the military proposal and some of the challenges that still remain as the world's militaries and governments turn their gazes upward.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to talk about "Beyond Space Force" is Dr. Brian Weeden.

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