Updated: Jan. 28, 3 p.m.

Hamilton County commissioners Thursday gave final approval to taking over 911 dispatching for the city of Norwood. County Administrator Jeff Aluotto says they’ve been working to de-fragment the county's emergency communication system.


An investigation is underway after a Cincinnati 911 dispatcher apparently mishandled a call and the patient died Jan. 12 in a Groesbeck Road apartment.

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Hamilton County Judge Robert Ruehlman says he will announce on Jan. 22, 2020 whether to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit naming the City of Cincinnati and five of its employees in connection with the death of Kyle Plush. Even after repeated 911 calls, police were unable to locate the 16-year-old Seven Hills student who suffocated in his minivan.

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Cincinnati officials say they've shaved five weeks off the time it takes to hire call takers and dispatchers for the city's emergency communications center (ECC). But the process from someone applying to actually getting a job still takes 14 weeks.  It used to be 19 weeks.

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Hamilton County residents will find out soon if they'll be asked to overturn a quarter-percent sales tax increase approved in October to balance the county budget.

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The President of the Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police is asking city council to close its investigation into the April death of 16-year-old Kyle Plush.

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Kyle Plush's family is critical of the findings from two independent reviews of the city's response to his death in April.

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Cincinnati officials are launching a series of public service announcements encouraging people to sign up for Smart911.  

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Cincinnati is working to streamline the process to hire 911 call takers and emergency dispatchers.  

The goal is to reduce the time between when people apply and when they find out if they get a job.  

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Cincinnati Police are now accepting tips through the department's just-launched mobile app.

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When you call 911 from a mobile phone, the operator knows your phone number and a rough idea of your location. If you sign up with Smart911, as Cincinnati and Hamilton County officials are encouraging you do, the dispatcher will have access to all kinds of personal and medical information that first responders might need to know in an emergency.

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Cincinnati City Council approves additional funding for the city's emergency communications center as questions remain unanswered about the 911 system and police response after the death of 16-year-old Kyle Plush. An interim city manager is now in place, after the resignation Saturday of former City Manager Harry Black.


In an emergency, when seconds count, three and a half hours can feel like an eternity. On July 18, 2017 that's the amount of time Cincinnati's 911 system was down. It was a record failure for the city's emergency system but it wasn't the first.

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Community paramedicine is an emerging health care practice that provides follow-up and preventative services to those in need. The practice is becoming more widespread across the country, and usually includes people in rural areas and frequent 911 callers, often uninsured people with chronic conditions and with barriers to regular medical care. It is also being used with positive results in cases of drug overdoses.


If you need help in Butler County but can't call 911 for some reason, now you can send a text. The Butler County Sheriff's Office says it is now capable of receiving text messages from "most areas of Butler County" requesting emergency services.

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The proposed utility service tax for Hamilton County is not a feasible option and won't be enacted, according to the president of the county commissioners. 

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Update Friday 11:00 a.m.:

Dennis Deters has been sworn into office. Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Tracy Winkler administered the oath of office.

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Hamilton County Commissioners are deciding how to pay for emergency communications as current revenue sources shrink.  Before they vote, they want to hear public input on a possible solution.

Verizon users can now text 911 for emergency help in Hamilton County.

The county Department of Communications says texted messages for help should only be used if someone is hearing or speech impaired or if you're unable to make a voice call like in the case of a home invasion.

While Cincinnati City Council looks into its emergency communications operations following a recent television news investigation, Hamilton County is offering one possible solution.

Commissioners Wednesday approved a resolution supporting a joint city/county emergency communications center.

Commissioner Greg Hartmann says this is a great opportunity for shared services.

More then 100 angry property owners called the Kenton County tax office today, upset about an new fee on their bill. The Judge Executive scheduled a news conference to clear up any confusion.