American Marketing Association

How Companies Can Improve Customer Experience

Aug 15, 2017

According to a 2011 American Express survey, 78% of consumers fail to complete a transaction or don't make an intended purchase because of a poor service experience. The survey also found that most of those lost customers don't make a complaint, so companies don't get the chance to immediately win them back.


Searching online for information, for everything from people to products, services to how-to instructional videos, has become second nature to most of us by now. But with so much information available online, it's often difficult for companies and service providers to break through the clutter and get noticed.

Successful business leaders understand how important their company brand is to future and sustainable growth. And they realize that building and maintaining a strong brand identity is not the job of just the marketing department – every employee should understand and reinforce the brand.


The traditional path to becoming the president or CEO of a corporation has been for an employee to spend years working in the company's operations, finance or logistics divisions. 



As traditional advertising has become less effective, many companies have turned to content marketing, a strategic approach to reach and retain customers.