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The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's Little Blue penguins are swimming more thanks in part to technology that helps encourage it.

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"Lightning" the pregnant sloth is a bit of a contradiction. The Cincinnati Zoo mammal can be feisty, and with changing hormone levels, doesn't want anything to do with her mate "Moe."


Rumpke is praising one of its workers for noticing a moving backpack along his route Wednesday and rescuing an abandoned 10-week-old puppy inside.

fiona 3rd birthday
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When you're the darling of Cincinnati, a simple sheet cake just won't do. Fiona the hippo turns four on Sunday and will celebrate with a tiered confection combining all her favorite treats.

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Until now it was thought there were four methods snakes use to climb things. A University of Cincinnati professor is part of a team that recently discovered a fifth.

You could say that a new discovery at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio is being met with glowing reviews.

A conservation technician recently discovered that the zoo's Tasmanian Devils are biofluorescent.

That's when animals absorb high-energy light and re-emit it. It's believed to be the first documented case of the evolutionary phenomenon in Tasmanian Devils.

feral cat

Feral cats — whether you love them or hate them, someone in your neighborhood is bound to feed them. In the city of Covington, officials passed a new ordinance Tuesday that's meant to find a middle ground between feral cat lovers and haters.


Cincinnati City Council approved a motion Wednesday asking city administrators to work with Hamilton County to create a searchable database of people convicted of animal abuse.

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Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society is about two months into its contract providing dog warden services in Hamilton County.

k9s for warriors

An estimated 20 veterans die by suicide every day, according to the latest Veterans Affairs report. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and K9s for Warriors is working with veterans to raise awareness.

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A manatee named "Truffleshuffle" returns to his native waters in Florida soon after undergoing rehabilitation at the Cincinnati Zoo. Truffleshuffle became the 20th manatee to be rehabilitated by the zoo's Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership (MRP) when he arrived in 2019.

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Pets displaced by Hurricane Laura will be available for adoption at Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue.

The Category 4 hurricane devastated many communities across Texas and Louisiana, displacing many animals from their shelters.

With the global pandemic has come a widespread demand. Pet adoptions have soared under coronavirus and, in particular, sales of dogs are booming. Shelters, rescues, breeders and pet stores have all reported more demand for dogs and puppies than they can fill.

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Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society says its facility is at capacity, with dozens of "amazing dogs available for adoption." The society assumed operations of the former SPCA-run shelter in Northside on Aug. 1.

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Hamilton County will have a new agency in charge of the dog warden function starting Saturday. The county commission awarded a $1.95 million contract for the work Thursday to the Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society. 

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There's a surprisingly large second wave of births this year at the Cincinnati Zoo, highlighted by a critically endangered bonobo born last week to first-time mom "Kesi."

It could have ended up between fried shrimp and seared scallops, or squeezed between a cheesy biscuit and a mound of garlic linguine Alfredo. But a rare lobster has a new home at the Akron Zoo after being discovered at a Red Lobster last week.

On Tuesday, the staff at a Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, location of the restaurant chain were unpacking an air-lifted delivery of live lobsters when Lora Jones noticed a strangely colored shape mixed in the mottled bunch.

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Hamilton County is negotiating with a Clermont County agency to provide dog warden services in the county.

Interaction with a fake tree trunk is helping the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden encourage natural foraging behaviors with meerkats and more.

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Ohio's bald eagle population is making a strong comeback, according to the 2020 nest census from the Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.

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How do you know what colors a fiddler crab can see if they can't answer you? You show them a "movie" that would scare them and cause a reaction if they did see all the colors. A University of Cincinnati professor did just that and the crabs were running scared.

samantha gorilla cincinnati zoo
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Just months after celebrating her 50th birthday, the oldest animal born at the Cincinnati Zoo has died. The zoo says a gorilla named "Samantha" was euthanized Sunday morning.

Courtesy of Ohio State University

Cincinnati Edition speaks with Scott Kenney, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Department of Veterinary Preventative Medicine Food Animal Health Research Program at Ohio State University, about his work studying the coronavirus and the need for funding future scientific research.

Image by Vladimír Sládek from Pixabay

Animal shelters are doing what they can to take care of their populations while closing their doors to the public and limiting volunteers. Employees are still allowed to care for animals as they're considered "essential" under Ohio's stay-at-home order.

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Teddy has taken well to his new gig as grief therapy dog at a Springfield Township cemetery. Even though he's still "in training," the one-year-old golden doodle has already begun comforting grieving families.

covington cat cafe

About four years ago, Chuck Patton sold the advertising company he founded and then went searching for his next opportunity.

On a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, the Fort Thomas native who now lives in Louisville, found it.

When animals are put to sleep in Ohio, they are most often euthanized with medications administered by a veterinarian. But there have been some cases where dogs and cats have been put down in gas chambers. Now there’s a new bill that would make that practice illegal.

raptor inc
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In a property adjacent to the Cincinnati Nature Center in Milford, Ohio, sits Raptor Inc., a nonprofit organization run mostly by volunteers that is dedicated to treating, rehabilitating and releasing back into the wild hundreds of formerly injured birds of prey.

In 1979 there were just four pairs of Bald Eagles left nesting anywhere in Ohio.

Habitat loss and the misuse of pesticides had almost wiped the bird out.

However, decades of conservation work has paid off. There are now Bald Eagles all over the state, and in 2012 the bird was removed from Ohio’s endangered list.

samantha gorilla cincinnati zoo
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Updated 12 p.m.

The oldest living animal ever born at the Cincinnati Zoo turned 50 Friday. "Samantha" is the sixth oldest of the more than 360 gorillas in North America.