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Despite high hopes based on her denning behaviors, the Cincinnati Zoo confirmed early this month the polar bear named "Anana" is not pregnant. Now, the agency that oversees the polar bear Species Survival Plan is recommending a new mate.

fiona 3rd birthday
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When you're the darling of Cincinnati a simple sheet cake just won't do. Fiona the hippo turns three on Friday and she celebrated a day early with a tiered confection combining all her favorite treats.

Courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

A white lion famously donated to the Cincinnati Zoo by magicians Siegfried & Roy has died. The zoo says the lion named "Prosperity" was "humanely euthanized" Monday.

cat cafe
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The Kentucky Humane Society found homes for more animals in 2019 than ever before, according to PR and Marketing Director Andrea Blair. Over 6,800 homeless dogs, cats and horses were adopted in the past 12 months — that’s about 700 more adoptions than in 2018.

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Updated Dec. 2, 3 p.m.

The Cincinnati Zoo's baby giraffe has a name.

kimba giraffe
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The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden says its 12-year-old male giraffe 'Kimba' has died following a recent surgical procedure. Officials say he developed complications after undergoing a successful procedure last week to fix his hooves. 

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Hamilton County officials are still working on a new plan to handle dog warden services in the county. It comes after SPCA Cincinnati announced in August it will no longer be doing that next year.  

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The Cincinnati Zoo announced Wednesday that its "beloved black rhino Kendi" would be leaving the zoo for a new home at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where he will be paired with a female "so he can do his part to contribute to the survival of his critically endangered species." 

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The University of Cincinnati is helping to track the notoriously secretive jaguar in the Central American country of Belize.

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Two dozen baby alligators are now calling the Newport Aquarium home.

Courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Two manatees are back in Florida after spending two years undergoing rehabilitation at the Cincinnati Zoo. "Miles" and "Matthew" arrived at a SeaWorld Orlando facility Tuesday as they prepare for the final steps before release back into the wild.

One Ohio lawmaker says current penalties for people convicted of cruelty to pets and other companion animals are too lax. His bill would increase punishment for that crime.

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Biologists were called to the Veterans Affairs building in Lincoln, Nebr., last week to evict an unusual visitor. A 20-pound bobcat somehow found its way into the VA but was quickly caught in a cage and relocated back to the wild. While that's unlikely to happen in Greater Cincinnati, the namesake of Ohio University's mascot is back on the prowl in Southwest Ohio.

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A few Cincinnati firefighters took a break from their normal routine Monday to visit the Cincinnati Zoo's elephants. Members of Ladder Co. 32 used their hoses to bathe elephants Schottzie, Jati and Mai Thai.

daphne manatee
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A female manatee named "Daphne" is ready to return to her native Florida waters after spending 16 months at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Updated Aug. 15, 2019

The Cincinnati Zoo says its baby cheetah, "Kris," will soon have a new companion. In a tweet, the zoo says it has adopted a scruffy brown puppy to grow up with the cheetah cub.

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The Hamilton County Commissioners are expected to decide in about a month how the county's dog warden functions will be handled. They'll be looking for a new option after the SPCA Cincinnati said it will not be providing those services in 2020.  

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Hamilton County commissioners are considering several options about how to proceed with dog warden and humane enforcement operations. The program review began earlier this year after complaints from animal advocates.

bald eagle
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Bald eagles are no strangers to the Tri-State. The bird's range covers all of North America and nests are not uncommon along area rivers. Twice this year, they've been spotted at Winton Woods.

Courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

The gorilla at the center of a heated court battle is making his first forays into his new habitat in Cincinnati.