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Former advisor to Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Palmieri writes for the Washington Post, "I am proud to declare that I have been a woman struggling to succeed in a man's world and even more proud to declare my independence from it." In her new book, She Proclaims: Our Declaration of Independence from a Man's World, Palmieri offers a manifesto for women seeking empowerment outside patriarchy.

One Man's Pandemic Reading List

Aug 7, 2020

Our friend and contributor David Delegator shares some of his pandemic reading list. Many of the books can be found at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.


Author Julia Koets, who holds a doctorate from the University of Cincinnati, released The Rib Joint: A Memoir in Essays this past November. She joins our contributor (and former classmate) Kelly Blewitt to talk about growing up and coming of age in the South.


Local author Sara Bennett Wealer has just released her latest YA novel, Now & When, a romantic tale featuring a mysterious website. Barbara Gray welcomes her to Around Cincinnati for a conversation about the story and the characters in her new novel.

The Ohio River in the early and mid-19th century was a dangerous place, even for passengers among the ubiquitous steamboats.

mitch mcconnell
Susan Walsh / AP

Senator Mitch McConnell is one of the most powerful politicians in America and one of Kentucky's most consequential leaders sent to Washington, D.C. But the Republican majority leader is not the only Kentuckian to rise into significant power in the U.S. Congress's upper chamber.

In the national conversation about race borne out of the uprisings against deadly police violence targeted at Black Americans, one particular book is getting renewed attention.


Tiffany McDaniel is an Ohio born and bred author whose second novel, Betty, is coming out soon. She’s with our Barbara Gray to talk about her new book and how long she’s been working on it.


Lebanon, Ohio resident Karen Ansberry co-founded the educational book series Picture-Perfect Science for elementary school teachers to use in classrooms to help students “learn to read and read to learn.” She joins Barbara Gray to talk about the series and her latest release, Nature Did It First: Engineering Through Biomimicry.

Bluegrass Music On A Washington Ferry

Jul 3, 2020

In the late 1970’s, Al Levy, then a college student, and a friend started playing guitar and banjo on the Washington State Ferry MV Kaleetan on their way to Port Townsend. In time, their fame grew, and the legend of the Ferryboat Musicians began. Now a practicing therapist, Al Levy has written about the experience and joins contributor Alexander Watson to talk about Blue Water Bluegrass: The Ferryboat Musicians.


Douglas Abrams achieved acclaim for his bestselling book, The Book of Joy, which was a firsthand account of a meeting between Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Now, in this time of worldwide unrest, he’s sharing his thoughts from moderating that legendary discussion in this conversation with our Ron Esposito.


Miami University Professor TaraShea Nesbit has released her newest novel, a historical suspense tale set in the early days of the Plymouth, Massachusetts colony. She safely joins our Barbara Gray to talk about Beheld.

A Conversation With Amy Jo Burns, Author Of "Shiner"

Jun 26, 2020

Two generations worth of Appalachian heartbreak and resolve is the basis for Shiner, the debut novel from Amy Jo Burns. She’s with our Barbara Gray to talk about the women and stories she brings to life in Shiner.

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In recent years, Cincinnati has celebrated its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community through parades, official resolutions, flags and legislation.


Connie Schultz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, formerly with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, who has just released her first novel. She joins Barbara Gray via Zoom to talk about The Daughters of Erietown.

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In David Pepper's third novel, The Voter File, foreign interference threatens our elections. Recently unemployed political reporter Jack Sharpe follows a lead about a special election in Wisconsin with a suspicious outcome and uncovers a plot to change the results of U.S. elections all over the country.


Walter Thompson-Hernandez, a writer for the New York Times, has returned to his home area of Southern California for a fascinating new book about urban cowboys in one of the most notorious cities in the U.S.


A new novel based in 1950’s Wooster, Ohio tells the tale of a nosy switchboard operator and the lives and loves of the locals. Author Gretchen Berg joins our Barbara Gray via Zoom to talk about her new release, The Operator.


What’s it like inside the Cincinnati Zoo when it’s bedtime for the animals? Apparently, Fiona the Hippo can’t sleep until she’s said goodnight to her animal friends. Children will enjoy this third installment of Fiona books from award-winning illustrator Richard Cowdrey. He joins our Barbara Gray by Zoom to talk more about Fiona, It’s Bedtime.

What If Hillary Never Said Yes To Bill?

May 21, 2020
curtis sittenfeld author
Josephine Sittenfeld / Random House via AP

What is left to say about a woman who has faced endless scrutiny on the written page and the world's stage?