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Before Lauren Worley was getting the word out about Cincinnati Public Schools and student achievement, she was getting the word out about NASA. As press secretary and senior advisor, she led communications initiatives that highlighted the Obama Administration's vision for space exploration. And it wasn't her first high-profile post.

Stargel Stadium Set To Kick Off This Football Season

Jun 19, 2019
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Cincinnati Public School's Stargel Stadium is on schedule to open for the 2019-2020 football season.

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Updated: Tuesday, 1:20 p.m.

A Madisonville charter school board will become a Cincinnati Public School in the 2020-2021 school year.

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The Cincinnati Public School board voted unanimously to place a 10-year tax levy renewal on this November's ballot.

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A 1999 tax abatement agreement between the City of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Public Schools is set to expire. Now the city and CPS are at odds over renegotiating the deal.

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Cincinnati City Manager Patrick Duhaney said in a letter Tuesday to the Cincinnati School superintendent that the district's operating revenues have actually increased because of city property tax incentives for developers and a 1999 agreement related to those tax abatements.

That agreement expires this year, and Duhaney said "the city is comfortable with or without an agreement."

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South Avondale School will be closed Thursday. A spokeswoman for Cincinnati Public Schools says a large raccoon was running around the inside of the building Wednesday morning, and "in an abundance of caution" students and staff were moved to Rockdale for the rest of the day.

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Cincinnati Public Schools will be taking a good long look at the deal that has helped economic development in Cincinnati, but some say has also shortchanged the district. The tax abatement agreement of 1999 expires at the end of this year.


Cincinnati Public Schools superintendent Laura Mitchell has recommended moving gamble Montesori High School to the Former Mercy High School.  WVXU News Director Maryanne Zeleznik talked with school board member Eve Bolton about the move. 

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Remodeling is already underway at the old Mercy High School in order to have it ready for students from Cincinnati Public this fall. At Monday night's meeting, Cincinnati Public School board members will hear some of the operational recommendations by the superintendent. Board President Carolyn Jones says the discussion could include a new name.

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Cincinnati officials are working on a number of alternatives to make it safer for kids walking to schools in the city.  

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In the last three months of 2018, 13 local students were hit by vehicles and it's just a fraction of more than 100 children struck last year. Among them was 15-year-old Gabriella Rodriguez, struck and killed by two vehicles when she crossed Harrison Avenue in September.


Cincinnati Public Schools plans a news conference following an increasing number of kids who have been hit by vehicles while walking to school, especially near Western Hills University High School.


The Cincinnati School Board heard a report Monday night from the Community Building Institute at Xavier University with ideas for the former Mercy High School. Board President Carolyn Jones talked with WVXU's Maryanne Zeleznik about the report. 

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Maribel Trujillo Diaz, who was deported in April, 2017, returns home to Fairfield. According to her attorneys, Trujillo recently reunited with her family after 17 months of separation. A news release says she was "returned to the United States from Mexico to attend her ongoing immigration hearings at the Cleveland Immigration Court."

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Ohio's report cards for schools now assign each one an overall grade. And the reports use the A-to-F scale on particular areas, including achievement on state tests and graduation rates. None of Cincinnati Public Schools received an A, and 14 were given an F.


Cincinnati Public Schools take possession of two schools this weekend that should help the district deal with increased enrollment.

CPS Expanding Its Career Pathway

Aug 13, 2018

Enrolled, enlisted and employed. Cincinnati Public Schools Superintendent Laura Mitchell says the district is taking a focus on the three Es. During the annual State of the Schools address, Mitchell laid out a new partnership with local organizations, including the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, meant to help prepare students for graduation and beyond.

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Cincinnati Public Schools Superintendent Laura Mitchell says she is focused on the three Es -- enrolled, enlisted, employed -- as the district tries to prepare students for graduation and keep them in Cincinnati after commencement. It's hoped a variety of partnerships, including one with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, will further the goal.

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It's still uncertain where students, staff and teachers will park when classes resume next week at Cincinnati's School for the Creative and Performing Arts. A City Council Committee met for more than an hour Tuesday but nothing was decided.