Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

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The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's Little Blue penguins are swimming more thanks in part to technology that helps encourage it.

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The Cincinnati Zoo Wednesday euthanized its aging binturong, "Lucy the Bearcat."

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"Lightning" the pregnant sloth is a bit of a contradiction. The Cincinnati Zoo mammal can be feisty, and with changing hormone levels, doesn't want anything to do with her mate "Moe."

Which plants and landscape strategies should you be focusing on in this year's growing season? The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is offering two programs to tackle these issues.

fiona 3rd birthday
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When you're the darling of Cincinnati, a simple sheet cake just won't do. Fiona the hippo turns four on Sunday and will celebrate with a tiered confection combining all her favorite treats.

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A manatee named "Truffleshuffle" returns to his native waters in Florida soon after undergoing rehabilitation at the Cincinnati Zoo. Truffleshuffle became the 20th manatee to be rehabilitated by the zoo's Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership (MRP) when he arrived in 2019.

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The Cincinnati Zoo's newest outdoor exhibit is open. Roo Valley features two types of kangaroos and penguins in an environmentally efficient habitat.

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There's a surprisingly large second wave of births this year at the Cincinnati Zoo, highlighted by a critically endangered bonobo born last week to first-time mom "Kesi."

Cincinnati Zoo And Botanical Garden

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has been awaiting word from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on a reopening date and we now know that can begin June 10. The zoo is planning a phased reopening with  limited crowds, and tickets only sold in advance. Those tickets will be timed to limit the number of people entering the zoo at a time.

Interaction with a fake tree trunk is helping the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden encourage natural foraging behaviors with meerkats and more.

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Organizations around the country are getting creative, offering up their animals or special guests to make appearances during your company or work online meeting. Now, the Cincinnati Zoo and Fiona are getting in on the action.

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Spring is peak bloom season for the hundreds of thousands of flowers at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, but visitors are unable to enjoy them because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The blossoms, however, aren't going unenjoyed.

Hippos can get hungry. Very hungry. So when zoos shut their doors to the public because of the coronavirus, zookeepers keep showing up to work to make sure everyone is fed.

Jenna Wingate feeds Fiona, the Cincinnati Zoo's 3-year-old, 1,300-pound hippo. Fiona was born premature, and Wingate has been looking after her since two hours after she was born.

samantha gorilla cincinnati zoo
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Just months after celebrating her 50th birthday, the oldest animal born at the Cincinnati Zoo has died. The zoo says a gorilla named "Samantha" was euthanized Sunday morning.

World Nature Expert To Speak At Cincinnati Zoo

Mar 4, 2020
gary nabhan
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Dr. Gary Nabhan, an ethnobiologist, nature writer and world expert on the people, plants and wildlife of the Sonoran desert, speaks with Cincinnati Edition host Michael Monks and Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard about his upcoming lecture on March 11 at the Cincinnati Zoo's Peacock Pavilion as part of the Barrows Conservation lecture series.

samantha gorilla cincinnati zoo
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Updated 12 p.m.

The oldest living animal ever born at the Cincinnati Zoo turned 50 Friday. "Samantha" is the sixth oldest of the more than 360 gorillas in North America.

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Despite high hopes based on her denning behaviors, the Cincinnati Zoo confirmed early this month the polar bear named "Anana" is not pregnant. Now, the agency that oversees the polar bear Species Survival Plan is recommending a new mate.

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A white lion famously donated to the Cincinnati Zoo by magicians Siegfried & Roy has died. The zoo says the lion named "Prosperity" was "humanely euthanized" Monday.

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Updated Dec. 2, 3 p.m.

The Cincinnati Zoo's baby giraffe has a name.

festival of lights
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The winter holiday season is in full swing, with plenty of things to see and do in the Tri-State. We asked people on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for their tips and tricks for improving the entire experience.

kimba giraffe
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The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden says its 12-year-old male giraffe 'Kimba' has died following a recent surgical procedure. Officials say he developed complications after undergoing a successful procedure last week to fix his hooves. 

baby bearcat
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After sifting through hundreds of suggestions and putting the final two options to a vote of the people, the Cincinnati Zoo's baby bearcat now has a name.

Courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoo.

The Cincinnati Zoo announced Wednesday that its "beloved black rhino Kendi" would be leaving the zoo for a new home at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where he will be paired with a female "so he can do his part to contribute to the survival of his critically endangered species." 

baby bearcat
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The University of Cincinnati is getting a new living mascot. The Cincinnati Zoo Friday introduced a new baby bearcat just arrived from the Nashville Zoo.

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Two manatees are back in Florida after spending two years undergoing rehabilitation at the Cincinnati Zoo. "Miles" and "Matthew" arrived at a SeaWorld Orlando facility Tuesday as they prepare for the final steps before release back into the wild.

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A few Cincinnati firefighters took a break from their normal routine Monday to visit the Cincinnati Zoo's elephants. Members of Ladder Co. 32 used their hoses to bathe elephants Schottzie, Jati and Mai Thai.

jomo gorilla
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A gorilla named "Jomo" is getting along well despite being diagnosed with a neurological disorder earlier this year.

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A mainstay at University of Cincinnati sporting events, "Lucy the Bearcat" is retreating to private life. The Cincinnati Zoo says Lucy is retiring from her duties as a living representation of the school's mascot.

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The Cincinnati Zoo says it is progressing methodically as it re-integrates a gorilla that spent the last nearly 30 years in California.

daphne manatee
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A female manatee named "Daphne" is ready to return to her native Florida waters after spending 16 months at the Cincinnati Zoo.