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Dark Waters, the film shot in Cincinnati a year ago, was snubbed by the 92nd annual Academy Awards, as it was for the Golden Globes.

Todd Phillips' Joker led all films with 11 nominations, with nods for best picture, lead actor (Joaquin Phoenix), director (Phillips), adapted screenplay, cinematography, film editing, sound editing, sound mixing, original score, costume design and makeup.

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Tommy Joyce is no cinephile. The last movie he saw in a theater was the remake of True Grit nearly a decade ago. "I'd rather watch squirrels run in the woods" than sit through most of what appears on the big screen, he said.

Update 10 a.m. Friday, Jan. 11:  Filming starts Monday for Dry Run on Hamilton's Park Avenue, the Journal-News reports.

Courtesy of Robert Bilott

Local attorney Robert Bilott, whose story has made national headlines, took on a high-profile case against the DuPont chemical company. 

Courtesy of Robert Bilott

Local attorney Robert Bilott has made national headlines, from The New York Times to The Intercept, with his high-profile case against the DuPont chemical company. A corporate defense attorney for eight years, this major environmental case exposed that DuPont operated above the Environmental Protection Agency for decades, intentionally hiding the dangers of the chemical PFOA (C8), to which people were exposed through waste runoff in West Virginia. DuPont used PFOA  in the process to make Teflon until fairly recently.