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As of Friday at 2 p.m., there are 63 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hamilton County. Five of those patients are hospitalized, and there have been no fatal cases in the county.

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The Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio is looking after senior citizens during the coronavirus outbreak. President and CEO Suzanne Burke said her agency has been planning for this since late January.

denise driehaus
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Hamilton County, like most local governments, is waiting to see if it will get any financial help from the state and federal governments for dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

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Hamilton County officials, like those in Cincinnati, will be enforcing a statewide "stay-at-home" order that begins at 11:59 p.m. Monday to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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Issue 7 - a 0.8% increase in the Hamilton County sales tax - will be the biggest ballot issue voters in Hamilton County will decide in the March 17 primary. It would provide $135 million a year for repair of roads and bridges in the county, along with expansion of the Metro bus system. The bus system expansion would get the bulk of the money.

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The financing plan is now in place for The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority Board to acquire and demolish the former Millennium Hotel in Downtown Cincinnati.

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Well, so much for civility in politics in this neck of the woods.

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People filled the plaza, crowded the street and perched on a third story ledge of the Hamilton County Courthouse as the newly constructed building was dedicated Oct. 18, 1919. While you can't climb out the windows these days, Judge Melba Marsh is still hoping for a large crowd to mark the building's centennial.

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Hamilton County's general fund will receive an unanticipated $681,000 deposit. Clerk of Courts Aftab Pureval says his office and the prosecutor started working a year ago on a special project: to recoup money floating around the legal system.


The Hamilton County Office of Reentry is working to make sure people who have been convicted of crimes transition into the community seamlessly.

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Ohio lawmakers approved the state's two-year operating budget in July, and now local officials are getting projects lined up hoping to be included in the state's capital budget next year.  

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By 2023, Ohio will have newly-redrawn congressional districts; and Hamilton County - now a blue county - would probably end up being a district by itself. Would that mean the end of the road for long-time Republican incumbent Steve Chabot? And what Democrats might run to replace him? WVXU's senior political analyst Howard Wilkinson spoke with Jay Hanselman about how redistricting in Hamilton County might shake out.

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Before we start imagining the possibility of busloads of undocumented immigrants being bused from the nation's southern border and dumped on to Fountain Square because Cincinnati is a "sanctuary city," let's consider one thing.

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Hamilton County's online public auction site has all the usual government surplus items you'd expect: desks, chairs, a few cars from the sheriff's auto auction. And, right now, 19 fur coats.

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In case there was any doubt, Gwen McFarlin has taken charge of the Hamilton County Democratic Party.

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In Ohio and across the country, jails are becoming defacto hospitals with more than 30 percent of inmates suffering from mental illness. The national program Stepping Up will now include Hamilton County after county commissioners voted to enhance existing efforts late last year.


WVXU politics reporter Howard Wilkinson spoke with city hall reporter Jay Hanselman this morning about the results of of last Tuesday's election in Hamilton County. One thing was obvious: Hamilton is now a blue county. Every Democratic statewide candidate - for governor, secretary of state, attorney general, treasuer and auditor - lost statewide, but every one of them won Hamilton County by a sizeable margin. Democrats defeated several incumbent Republican judges.

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Voters all over Hamilton County Some experienced confusion and frustration at the polls after scanner machines began spitting their ballots back out at them Tuesday morning.

And it was all due to a feature on the machine that the Board of Elections has had for several years before but never used in an election, Hamilton County Board of Elections chairman Tim Burke told WVXU. 

"The scanners were spitting out ballots that were under-voted and the poll workers had never been trained on what to do about that,'' Burke said. "This should never have happened and it happened in every corner of  the county." 

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It really doesn't matter where you live in southwest Ohio or northern Kentucky or in southeastern Indiana.

If you are a registered voter, you have plenty of reasons to go out to vote.


The Ohio midterm elections are not only important in deciding the next governor and congressional representatives.