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New technology devices, from smartphones to whole-home communications systems, are being introduced to the market at an increasingly rapid pace. It's almost impossible to know which products will best meet your needs, much less keep up with all of the technology now available. Which is why we asked the Consumer Technology Association’s “Digital Answer Man,” Jim Barry, to join us for a look at latest in high-tech products.

Tech Products Reviewed by Jim Barry:

Allie 360-degree camcorder

With the internet, smart devices and social media, kids today have access to more information and opportunities to interact with more people than ever before. And that makes them more vulnerable than ever before to online predators, cyberbullying and  exposure to inappropriate material.

The recent massive data breach of health insurance company Anthem'’s customer and employee records once again highlights the need for security of digital information by both corporations and individuals. Hackers accessed tens of millions of records, which included Social Security numbers, names and other information criminals can use to steal a person’'s identity. Joining us to discuss how individuals can protect themselves and their digital information, and what to do if you are notified your records have been compromised are Bogdan "Bo" Vykhovanyuk, assistant vice president in the University of Cincinnati Office of Information Security; Dr. James Walden, associate professor at the Northern Kentucky University College of Informatics; and Dave Hatter, solution architect and partner with Definity Partners, LLC.