National Bike Month

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Saturdays are busy at Reser Bicycle in Newport. At any given time, there are two bikes up on the rack in for repairs. Customers trickle in and out, looking for gear or a new bike.

In fact, since the pandemic, more and more people are coming in for the latter, employee Gabe Robinson says.

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There are many reasons to get excited about Bike Month in Cincinnati. The pandemic has brought an unexpected bike boom, with more people hitting the road in the last year. There are also new trails opening up.

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Of the many unforeseen impacts of the global pandemic on daily life, the increased popularity of cycling is probably one of the more surprising and positive. 

bike to work
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Use your bike to get around the Greater Cincinnati area Friday and your ride on public transit will be gratis

bike trail

While the number of people in Greater Cincinnati who ride bicycles for recreation or for their daily commute is growing, our region still lacks a safe, well-connected system of biking trails and dedicated on-road bike lanes. Though there has been progress over the last decade to make our area more bike-friendly.

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A group of cyclists is trying to start a new Flying Pig tradition. Organizer Jason Barron says the night before last Sunday's marathon, seven people rode the entire 26.2 mile course.

To Bike Or Not To Bike Around Cincinnati?

May 8, 2018

With more dedicated on-street bike lanes, an expanding system of riding trails, a bike-share system and several active cycling clubs, Greater Cincinnati is a far more bike-friendly city than it was just a decade ago.

Still, many believe Cincinnati is not doing nearly enough to promote biking and making cyclists safe on city streets.

Cincinnati's Cycling Community Growing

May 15, 2017

May is National Bike Month and this week is National Bike to Work Week. With expanding bike trails, bike sharing services, plenty of bike shops and a high rate of bike commuters, the bicycling community in Cincinnati is growing quickly., available for use

May is National Bike Month. With expanding bike trails, bike sharing services, plenty of bike shops, a high rate of bike commuters and a strong cyclist community, bicycle culture is rapidly growing in Cincinnati.