A new report puts Ohio near last in the list of how states handle homelessness in people under 24 years old.

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With over 1,000 possible Chinese espionage cases under investigation by the FBI, the bureau's Cincinnati division wants to be proactive. It is looking to partner with businesses and universities to prevent the stealing of trade secrets.

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You're right to be cautious about the sun. It can cause skin cancer, damage your eyes and make you look older. But with the right protection, getting at least 30 minutes of it a day may prevent Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome - which increases the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer, according to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center researchers.

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The Hamilton County Commissioners and Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) officials had a testy exchange Thursday afternoon about projects in the second phase of a federal consent decree to reduce sewer overflows during heavy rain events.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken a hard look at its 56 local field offices and determined that the Cincinnati Division needs 12 more agents. The new special agent in charge says that's a generous amount and it will happen gradually.

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Communities along the Ohio River are taking part in a nearly annual tradition: preparing for flooding. As of Thursday afternoon, the National Weather Service's Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service expected the Ohio River at Cincinnati to crest at 54.6 feet. Flood stage is 52 feet.

The remains of 2,411 fetuses found in Illinois last year after the death of a former abortion provider have been buried, but authorities say they're no closer to knowing why the doctor had been keeping them.

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The Coretta Scott King Center for Cultural and Intellectual Freedom in Yellow Springs is hosting a three-day "Bootcamp for Activism" as part of the center's mission advancing the work of social justice.

maple syrup tree

We have reached the middle of February, which means we are just about at the beginning of that delicious period when the sap used for maple syrup begins to seep out of maple trees.

So, what does that mean for fans of the sweet stuff?

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In what could be the nation's first show of unity in the opioid settlement arena, the state of Ohio and its local governments are close to an agreement on how to divvy up the money when it comes.

Two more possible case of coronavirus in Ohio came back negative this week. A third person is currently being tested.

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Cincinnati City Council is still trying to find the future process for funding human services agencies. And right now, there are differing opinions on what to do.

Communities across the Midwest have been devastated by the opioid epidemic. But there's still a lot of misunderstanding about how opioids affect our bodies. A new and unusual museum exhibit is tackling this issue. 

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If you didn't stay up after the Academy Awards for WCPO-TV's newscast, here's Tanya O'Rourke's scoop that Channel 9 was promoting all night: Producer Randall Emmett says he might shoot three more movies and possibly a TV series in Greater Cincinnati.

A new bill at the statehouse would prevent doctors from prescribing drugs to delay puberty or perform surgery to change a child’s gender. The bill is similar to ones proposed in at least eight other states. 

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A few decades ago, it seemed the days of independent bookstores were numbered. First came Barnes & Noble chain to crush the mom-and-pop shops. Then in 1995, Amazon's arrival led to a significant decrease in the number of independent bookstores. When Amazon launched the Kindle e-reader in 2007, it seemed likely it would deal the final blow. But the unexpected happened.


A suspected serial rapist is in custody thanks to Cincinnati police running his DNA through a genealogy website. The DNA matched a family member, leading police to arrest the suspect some two decades after the crimes.

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An effort is underway to make sure immigrants and minorities feel welcome and safe in the Hamilton County Courthouse. This comes after reports that at least one judge was calling ICE on people who are undocumented.

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The Contemporary Arts Center's (CAC) "This Time Tomorrow" festival is back for another year and is adding an extra day. The performance festival will span five days, April 22-26.

Jane Fonda will return to Kent State this spring. The university has announced her appearance is part of events planned to honor the 50th anniversary of the May 4th shootings

Chic Canfora looks forward to Jane Fonda’s return to Kent State. “She was here in 1971," Canfora recalls. "She was here with a strong message that dissent is a powerful form of protection for our democracy."