george floyd protest cincinnati
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Demonstrators took to the streets for a third straight weekend in Cincinnati, though this time, not always at the typical Downtown targets of City Hall and the Hamilton County Courthouse. Marches in protest of police brutality against minorities continued to spread to the Cincinnati suburbs, and often with just as large crowds as their Downtown counterpoints. 

george floyd protest cincinnati
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Demonstrations protesting police brutality and the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police continue in Cincinnati and its suburbs.

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Cincinnati officials are proposing an early retirement program to help balance the city budget for the new fiscal year starting July 1.

georgia election
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The long lines and mechanical breakdowns in some major counties of Georgia during the Tuesday primary has Democrats and voter rights activists suspecting the GOP of voter suppression, a charge the Republican state leaders deny. 

Lawmakers in an Ohio House committee rejected a proposed amendment that would have banned the sale and display of the Confederate flag at county fairs in Ohio.

Amy Acton Stepping Down As Ohio Health Department Director

Jun 11, 2020

Dr. Amy Acton is stepping down from her position as director of the Ohio Department of Health, Gov. Mike DeWine announced Thursday.

When the story of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police began making news last week, Anthony McGill felt something roiling up inside him.

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A dramatic spike in suspected drug overdose deaths has prompted Hamilton County officials to issue a warning to users. They say shortages of fentanyl from China are over, user tolerance is likely low and dealers are finding new drugs to mix in what could become fatal concoctions.

city hall
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Cincinnati City Manager Patrick Duhaney has released his budget for the new fiscal year which starts July 1. The plan closes a $73.4 million general fund deficit without layoffs, furloughs or closing any city parks or recreation centers.

cafa protest
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Men and women in the Cincinnati African American Firefighters Association marched from City Hall to the Hamilton County Courthouse Wednesday night in an effort to bring attention to police brutality against black communities. 

george floyd protest cincinnati
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The full Cincinnati City Council has approved a motion asking the city solicitor's office to offer options to those arrested for violating the city's recent curfew.

As nationwide protests against police brutality and racism demand change to current laws and institutions, the ripple effects are reaching historic symbols of white supremacy.

The effort to dismantle, relocate or rename symbols is happening in the sports world as well.

Athletes have gotten involved in a potential name change at the University of Cincinnati.

lonnie wheeler books
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UPDATED 11 A.M. FRIDAY JUNE 12:  The Wheeler family will do an online Zoom memorial service for Lonnie at 2 p.m. Sunday June 14.

"We wish we could gather every single one of Lonnie's friends and family together in one big room, hear every one of your stories in person, and hang around as you inevitably tell inappropriate jokes as the crowd thins.

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Hamilton County's interim public health director said he remains cautiously optimistic as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

amy mcgrath mitch mcconnell

Kentucky's primary elections are coming up on June 23, but if you’ve seen television ads from Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell or his potential Democratic opponent Amy McGrath, you may not know it. Both candidates have spent almost all of their time — and almost all of their money — attacking each other instead of their primary opponents.

mitch mcconnell
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Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was first elected to represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1984. Victorious in six elections for the seat, one of the nation's most powerful politicians wants to win his seventh six-year term.

george floyd protest cincinnati
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Cincinnati's city manager said Tuesday that so far, the city has spent $426,361 on overtime for the protests and demonstrations for George Floyd in Downtown Cincinnati, Over-the-Rhine and some nearby neighborhoods.

cpd riot gear
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As demonstrations continue in honor of George Floyd, and many cities in Ohio and elsewhere have come under fire for police response to such protests, Gov. Mike DeWine on Tuesday announced he is asking Ohio's Collaborative Community Police Advisory Board to develop minimum standards on law enforcement response to mass protests.

george floyd protest cincinnati
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People arrested by Cincinnati Police for violating the city's recent curfew will not have the charges against them dismissed. But they could soon have options to avoid prosecution.

nky congressional primary candidates
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More than two months ago, president and prolific tweeter Donald Trump turned his legion of social media followers on a fellow Republican: Northern Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie.