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Ohio has settled a lawsuit filed just three months ago with a pharmacy benefits manager it accused of using subcontractors to overcharge Ohio’s Medicaid program.

As state lawmakers are working on a final budget agreement to send to the governor by the end of the month, one provision of the bill is a change to the way employees who worked from home were taxed last year.

A bill to protect a student's religious expression during school sporting events is on its way to the House after getting unanimous support in the Senate.

A bill in the Ohio House would make it illegal for employers or schools to mandate vaccinations. Gov. Mike DeWine has some thoughts on the measure.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says distracted driving is a big problem and to prove it, the agency is tracking those cases on a new public dashboard. 

Ohio is using millions in federal pandemic relief dollars to try to prevent rock slides on roads in some parts of Ohio. 

If you live in wooded parts of Ohio, you are probably hearing the chorus produced by the cicadas these days. Many think the bugs that come out every 17 years are noisy pests. But for some, the cicadas are interesting and even on the dinner plate.

Democratic leaders in the U.S. Senate, including Ohio’s senior senator, are working on legislation they say would improve voting rights around the country. But there's doubt whether the Senate has enough votes to pass the measure.

The Speaker of the Ohio House says recent false comments made during testimony by a doctor opposed to vaccines are out of the ordinary. But he's pushing back on questions about what to do when false statements are made in committee hearings, which are broadcast and archived by the state.

Democrats in Ohio continue to push for passage of a bill designed to provide equity for LGBTQ plus Ohioans when it comes to housing and employment. And the lawmakers who back the bill say June, which is PRIDE month, is a good time to draw attention to it. 

There are only two weeks left for Vaxamillion - the state’s weekly drawings in which vaccinated Ohioans can win a million dollars or a full-ride college experience. But Gov. Mike DeWine is hinting there might be some new prizes coming in the future. 

Republican and Democratic lawmakers are laying out their case for why they think former house speaker and sitting representative Larry Householder, who faces corruption charges, should be kicked out of office.

Researchers at Kent State University have published an analysis of what could be the largest discovery of Ice Age weaponry in North America.

The collection of 165 stone tools was discovered on a wooded property in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Researchers believe hunters buried them there around 13,000 years ago.

Turkey led to find

The Ohio Senate passed the state budget bill Wednesday which sets up a likely conference committee where the House and Senate must agree on a final spending measure to send to the governor.

A high-profile Republican has announced his bid for governor, joining a primary against current governor Mike DeWine. Former U.S. Representative Jim Renacci, a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, says he wants to take Ohio in a different direction.

In recent years, when big budget bills have passed, controversial changes in laws over abortion have been attached. And it's happening in this budget as well.

One of the biggest corruption cases in the nation is happening right here in Ohio. Federal prosecutors are going after the former speaker of the Ohio House and the former head of the Ohio Republican Party, along with others, for federal crimes. But if there are crimes that occured at the state level, those could be affected by an amendment that has been slipped into a bill at the Statehouse.

The Ohio Senate Finance Committee has sent the latest budget proposal for a floor vote after adding more than 100 amendments to the bill. Republican Senate leaders say the measure is making more investments to help people.

AEP Ohio says the Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into benefits from HB6, the energy bill at the center of a bribery scandal.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost filed a landmark lawsuit today against Google.

Yost wants the company's search engine to be declared a public utility to restrain the ways it provides search results to Ohioans.

Yost alleges that Google uses its dominance to steer Ohioans to its own products, which he said is discriminatory and anti-competitive.

The Ohio House and Senate are now considering different versions of their school funding plans as part of the upcoming state budget. Some of the members of a bipartisan group that created a school funding plan that was considered in the legislature last year want to refocus lawmakers on the proposal. 

The first candidate has announced her bid to be the next Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court in a race that will be decided in November of 2022. Sitting Justice Jennifer Brunner wants to become the first Democrat elected to the office in 40 years.

There are 200,000 doses of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Ohio that will expire later this month. Gov. Mike DeWine has issued an urgent communication to vaccine providers to ask them to distribute as many doses as possible as quickly as possible.

Doctors blame a range of misinformation and myths for the reasons why more Ohioans are not getting COVID vaccines right now. And health leaders say more people still need to get vaccinated in order to prevent pockets where the virus can be a bigger problem.

The COVID-19 case rate in Ohio has dropped to the lowest it's been in a year. Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) used the decreasing case numbers to call on people to get their vaccinations.

The state has selected six managed care organizations to carry out Medicaid services, amounting to a $20 billion contract, but a provision in the Senate's budget proposal would stop that procurement process and require the state to consider other measures.

A group of business leaders and child care advocates are calling on lawmakers to reverse course on a change proposed in the state budget bill.

Mayors of some Ohio cities say past and future tax abatements might be affected by a bill under consideration that would allow employees to receive refunds on income taxes if they work from home in a different city. 

Advocates for Ohio’s libraries are cheering the Senate version of the state budget, which restores funding that was set to drop when the current budget expires on June 30.

The COVID-19 case rate continues to drop in Ohio as the state moves into a new era of the pandemic without health orders. But Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) says the key is to increase vaccination among a certain portion of the population.