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Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) called racism a public health crisis while releasing a report from a task force created to look into how COVID-19 is hitting people of color disproportionately.

Facebook is announcing a new initiative for the 2020 election. The social network giant will offer voters information about voting in their state. And it will also fact check information on its platform. 

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Gov. Mike DeWine says while urban areas are trending down, Ohio's rural counties are starting to see more community spread.

The state’s tax revenue report for July was the first one showing gains in three months. But Ohio’s chief budget officer says she expects the economic effects of the pandemic to last for far longer than the pandemic does – perhaps years.

With less than 12 weeks before the presidential election, Secretary of State Frank LaRose (R-Ohio) is sending out the rules all boards of elections must follow, including a decision to only allow one ballot drop box for each county.

More than half of the state’s restaurants and bars could be out of business soon, according to a survey by the Ohio Restaurant Association. Owners of those establishments say the restrictions put on them because of COVID-19 are hurting their businesses. And they fear it will get worse.

Ohio’s nursing homes don’t have enough personal protective equipment to last another week. That’s the finding from a federal agency that deals with Medicare and Medicaid services. 

Some of Ohio’s k-12 school districts will hold online classes at first, while others are trying a hybrid of remote and in person learning. Education leaders say it’s important the schools have proper precautions in place when they do reopen to students. The state’s largest teacher’s union says schools that reopen for in-person classes need to take a lot of costly precautions. 

A group of pediatricians joined Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) in raising awareness of how communities can help students return to school. Amid concerns over the risk of coronavirus spreading at schools, the doctors say there are ways students can stay safe.

After three months of declines, Ohio took in 8% more in taxes than the Office of Budget and Management estimated, though much of that is connected to the delay of the tax deadline to July 15. But there was a different kind of growth in the state’s July report that could be concerning.

Updated: 4:45 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2020

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and leaders from the state’s top children’s hospitals on Tuesday offered advice on how children can return to school in a safe manner and offered statistics on the impact of COVID-19 on kids.

The state of Ohio has released for payment around a fifth of the quarter of a million claims for non-traditional unemployment assistance that it was holding back as it checked them for fraud. But some of the real people caught up in that investigation found it was yet another challenge they’ve had to face during this pandemic.

The state is moving forward with President Donald Trump's executive order to offer additional money for people getting unemployment benefits since the pandemic, but it's half of what unemployed people were getting before a federal relief measure expired.

The state is now accepting applications for schools seeking funds to expand broadband accessibility. That program has lifted a restriction that supporters say will go even further in helping low-income districts.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio National Guard members have been helping foodbanks out with distribution. The Guard was supposed end its mission this month, but there's news it will continue to help in a reduced capacity.

Gov. Mike DeWine tested negative for coronavirus in a third test on Saturday, after a positive rapid result in a test arranged by the White House Thursday and a negative result from a different kind of test a few hours later.

There have been over a thousand new confirmed coronavirus cases in each of the last four days in Ohio, and Friday’s 33 confirmed new deaths is the highest number in a week. And attention has turned to testing after Gov. Mike DeWine got a positive result from a rapid test administered by the White House and a negative from a different kind of test a few hours later. 

Thousands of voters thought to be inactive could be removed from the voter rolls this year. Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State is releasing a list of voters who are thought to have died, moved away or who haven't voted in six years. But voters won’t be removed until after the November 3rd election. 

Going back to school will be different this year but there’s one thing that won’t change. Ohioans will still be able to take advantage of a tax-free weekend for shopping for those back to school items. And it is happening now. 

A coalition of eight groups advocating for more gun control is starting an online petition campaign to stop efforts to pass the “Stand Your Ground” bill under consideration in the Ohio Legislature.