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After five weeks of climbing, Ohio's case ratio per 100,000 residents is declining from the previous week's tally. This is the metric Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) is using to determine if health restrictions can be lifted.

More than 270,000 people have filed for unemployment in Ohio over the last week, including more than 22,000 who filed first time claims. State officials say that's a number that continues to decline as they also work to fix the bugs in the filing system.

A bill that’s been introduced in the Ohio Legislature for the better part of two decades now would add sexual orientation to the state’s civil rights protections. The bill has bipartisan support and is getting hearings in the House. But House leaders say they have a lot of questions about it.  

On a mostly party line vote, the Ohio House has approved the version of the $74.4 billion two-year state budget that was proposed by Republican leadership.

The police shooting of a black teen girl in Columbus last night renews calls for criminal justice reform and community policing. The incident happened around the same time the verdict was being read in the case of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, found guilty of killing George Floyd. 

The rate of new COVID-19 cases in Ohio seems to be plateauing. But state health officials say they're concerned about another statistic leveling off; the number of people getting vaccinated.

A bill to list party affiliations of candidates for court of appeals and the Ohio Supreme Court on the November ballot has passed the state Senate – on a party line vote.

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With the number of older Ohioans getting vaccinated consistently going up, Gov. Mike DeWine on Wednesday used his coronavirus briefing to speak to younger residents and urge them to get the shot.

One of the changes made by Ohio House leaders to the budget of their fellow Republican Gov. Mike DeWine deals with language for people who want to become parents through adoption.

The Ohio House will vote on its version of the two-year state budget Wednesday, after it cleared a House committee with all Republicans and two Democrats voting for it. But there are still questions about the changes to the school funding formula in it.

Ohio's professional sports teams are calling on legislators to break the log jam in the debate over legalizing sports betting before they go on summer break.

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If you look at Ohio’s vaccination dashboard right now, you’ll see many of Ohio’s highest income counties and those with the highest education levels have the higher vaccination rates. Public policy health leaders say that’s just what they’d expect right now. 

The state’s law that bans the use of telemedicine for abortions is not going into effect right now at the order of a Hamilton County court. 

Republican Congressman Steve Stivers says he’s stepping down as representative for Ohio’s 15th district in central Ohio on May 16th to lead the state’s premier business group. 

The state will be more than doubling the number of medical marijuana dispensaries soon. And it's changing the process for granting licenses for dispensaries too.

A week after House Republicans stripped some of Gov. Mike DeWine’s gun regulations from the state budget, minority House Democrats have responded with a package of even tougher legislation.

Nan Whaley, the Democratic mayor of Dayton, has announced she's running for governor in 2022. Whaley has gained statewide and national attention for her response to several critical events in Dayton.

Arts organizations in Ohio and around the country are waiting for the relaunch of a system that will allow them to apply for billions in COVID relief – after it shut down on the day it was supposed to open for business in early April.

Central Ohio Sex Trafficking Sting Leads To 93 Arrests

Apr 18, 2021

A two-day human trafficking sting resulted in nearly 100 arrests around Central Ohio. Operation 614 comes on the heels of a new state law penalizing johns.

The Ohio Attorney General's office and law enforcement agencies carried out Operation 614 in Columbus and its surrounding suburbs on Wednesday and Thursday. Officers found 53 people coerced into sex trafficking and referred them to social services.

Law enforcement arrested 93 johns seeking to purchase sex. Those arrested included a registered sex offender on parole and those seeking sex with juveniles.

Health officials are urging people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in an effort to achieve herd immunity. State leaders are saying they won’t mandate Ohioans to get the shots but there are some incentives being offered and more to come. 

An income tax cut inserted into the budget by Ohio House Republicans only strengthens the state’s case against a ban on tax cuts in the latest federal COVID relief package, according to the official who’s leading the lawsuit over that ban.

The number of cases of COVID-19 in Ohio has been rising in recent weeks. And it’s going further away from the goal that was set in order for the statewide mask mandate to be lifted. 

The top Democrat on the committee hearing the Ohio House's version of the two-year state budget says she’s not surprised that Republicans have added a 2% income tax cut, though that wasn’t in the initial proposal from their fellow Republican Gov. Mike DeWine. But she’s frustrated by it. 

Ohio is tracking the number of cases of COVID in people who have been fully vaccinated for two weeks or more. And state leaders say those numbers are proving vaccines work. 

Lawmakers are considering a proposal that would allow teachers and school workers to carry guns in schools if they have the eight hours of training that comes with earning a concealed carry license. The bill, which gives local school districts the authority to require additional training, is sparking a debate on how to keep students safe in the classroom.

Ohio House Republicans added a provision into Gov. Mike DeWine’s two-year state budget that would erase violations of his COVID health orders by bars and taverns, such as selling too many cocktails to go, not enforcing social distancing and masks or allowing drinking past curfew. But it would also refund those liquor permit holders what they paid in fines.

The future of Ohio’s Down Syndrome abortion law was made clearer earlier this week when a sharply divided U.S. District Appeals Court ruled 9 to 7 that it could go forward. In doing that, the federal appeals court overturned two lower court decisions. Now the big question is what happens next. 

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) is calling on state lawmakers to take on the task of finally finishing a reform of Ohio's unemployment compensation system. The legislature has fallen short of accomplishing this, though bills have been proposed multiple times over the last decade.

Republicans in the Ohio House have added a tax cut and changes to school funding to Gov. Mike DeWine’s two year budget. And they’ve made some other changes that Democrats are calling “a mixed bag”.