Ohio News

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base officials say there was no “real world” active shooter incident at the base Thursday afternoon. False reports of a shooter at the base's hospital situation triggered an hours long base-wide lockdown. 

President Trump is coming to Central Ohio to campaign for state Rep. Troy Balderson, with just days left before the August special election for the 12th Congressional District.

Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill into law that increases penalties for drug trafficking. 

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Rich Cordray is doubling down on his support for Medicaid expansion and it’s economic viability. Cordray, along with the Kasich administration, says the program is sustainable and needs to remain consistent. 

A growing industry in Ohio is calling on local, state, and federal officials to take a serious look at water quality issues. Craft brewery owners say their business completely hinges on safe drinking water. 

Gov. John Kasich has signed into law a contentious bill that places more rules on payday lenders. It limits how much interest short term loan providers can charge and requires lenders to rein in practices that have been known to leave borrowers with crushing revolving debt. But that bill isn’t the only big piece of legislation Kaisch has signed into law.

The state has issued the first license for a large-scale medical marijuana cultivator under Ohio’s medical marijuana program. 

A new analysis by Case Western Reserve University finds that red light cameras do little to reduce accidents at the intersections where they are installed.

Researchers examined data from Houston over a 12-year period, during which the city ended its red light camera program.

An argument is brewing in the race to become Ohio’s next governor. Medicaid expansion has been a crucial topic in the campaign with both candidates, Mike DeWine and Rich Cordray, taking different approaches to the issue. One piece of the debate is over whether the expansion is sustainable. 

New navigation technology made possible by the state is helping blind students at Columbus State Community College get around the campus easier. 

A large agriculture group is fighting Gov. John Kasich’s proposals meant to clean Lake Erie through farming regulations. Kasich wants to set rules on fertilizer and manure on farmland. But not all farmers are against the proposal.

William Preucil has resigned his post as Distinguished Professor of Violin at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

There are questions about whether Ohio voters will see an issue on the ballot this fall that, if passed, would put restrictions on clinics that provide kidney dialysis. First, the group backing the referendum effort fell short of signatures and now, supporters of the measure are facing a lawsuit.

Gov. John Kasich is fighting for his clean Lake Erie initiative which includes tougher regulations on Ohio’s number one industry. As Kasich argues, his proposed rules on fertilizer is in everyone’s best interest. 

One of Governor John Kasich’s top department chiefs has resigned.

One of Governor John Kasich’s top department chiefs has resigned.

A Republican congressman from Ohio wants to be the next leader of the U.S House of Representatives.

President Trump has signed into law a bipartisan bill aimed at investigating the high cancer rate among firefighters. The president of the Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters says it’s needed.

A new report shows low income Ohio children are not getting enough early intervention to be successful in school and life. 

Ohio U.S. Sen. Rob Portman would like to see an end to trade disputes with China, but the Republican senator said President Donald Trump’s decision to provide $12 billion in subsidies to American farmers might be a good short-term solution to trade shortfalls. 

The escalating trade war has hurt many Ohio farmers producing soybeans, pork, and corn, among other products.