Paid Parental Leave

Rainer Maiores

Cincinnati City Council has approved a paid parental leave program by a vote of 7-2. The two council members voting against the plan were Amy Murray and Kevin Flynn.

Rainer Maiores

Cincinnati City Council will likely vote Wednesday on a plan to offer paid parental leave.

In short, the plan includes allowing men and women to take two weeks of sick or vacation time followed by four weeks of paid leave at 70 percent of their base pay. They can then borrow against their sick or vacation time for the remaining 30 percent.

After much debate a Cincinnati council committee decided not to vote on two paid parental leave proposals. Budget and Finance Committee vice chair Amy Murray recommended holding the items until questions about the competing proposals from the Mayor, and council members Yvette Simpson and Chris Seelbach are answered.

There are competing proposals for offering parental leave to Cincinnati city workers.  

Council Members Yvette Simpson and Chris Seelbach want to offer four weeks of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child.  

Just a week after Dayton announced it will offer paid parental leave to city employees, Cincinnati may be doing the same.

Mayor John Cranley is introducing a proposal that would allow employees to take up to six weeks of paid sick time following a birth or adoption.