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  • A Way with Words: A fun and funny public radio show about words, language, and how we use them.
  • The Ron Burgundy Podcast: Will Ferrell reprises his role as Ron Burgundy in which Ron engages in conversation with another notable person on the topic at hand.
  • Soul Work For Moms: Grow personally and spiritually and connect with a beautiful community of women as you hear from real-life moms who share their journeys in motherhood.

by Michael Wall and Karl Tate

A recent article on Space.com caught our attention, so this episode we're talking with the author of that article, Our Milky Way Will Crash into a Neighbor Galaxy Sooner Than You Think, Dr. Michael Wall.

He's a senior writer for Space.com and also author of the book Out There: A Scientific Guide to Alien Life, Antimatter, and Human Space Travel (For the Cosmically Curious), so you know he had a lot to talk about with Dean Regas and Anna Hehman.

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  • Tell Me Something I Don't Know: Host Stephen J. Dubner and three celebrity panelists invite contestants on stage to tell us something we don't know.
  • The Dropout: The story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos is an unbelievable tale of ambition and fame gone terribly wrong.
  • Cincy Music Spotlight: A weekly local music show that features a mix of the region's most talented musicians and a recap of local music news.

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  • Bubble: Welcome to Fairhaven, a literal bubble of corporate utopia set amid the wild, goblin-infested Brush.
  • Mobituaries: An irreverent but deeply researched appreciation of the people (and things) of the past.
  • Pardon the Punctuation: Talking sports and current event topics in Cincinnati, Ohio.

PAUL HARMER/GETTY / express.co.uk

For more than three decades, Dave Eicher has been writing about space for Astronomy magazine.

The Oxford, Ohio native is now the editor and he joins Dean Regas and Anna Hehman to talk about how he got into astronomy, some things happening in 2019, and his book Mission Moon 3-D: A New Perspective on the Space Race written with astrophysicist and Queen guitarist, Dr. Brian May.

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  • Phil In The Blanks: Experience a side of Dr. Phil you may have been missing as he delves into the minds of the most interesting and accomplished people in the world today.
  • The Big One - Your Survival Guide: Host Jacob Margolis and Producer Misha Euceph take you on a journey to understand what the catastrophic earthquake will mean for Los Angeles, the U.S., and the world.
  • Inside the Writer's Head: The Library Foundation of Cincinnati and Hamilton County's latest Writer-In-Residence chats about writing, reading, creativity, and more with special guests.

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Feb 5, 2019

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  • It Seemed Smart: Enter the amusing, diabolical, and entertaining world of sports trickery and mayhem.
  • Life Kit: You know you need to exercise, but there are always a million excuses not to.
  • The Pope's Long Con: What happens when the institutions we rely on look the other way? How does a liar slip through the cracks into a position of power?

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Jan 29, 2019

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  • The Uncertain Hour: An immersive docu-pod that reveals the uncertainties of our economy today.
  • The Knowledge Project: Build a world-class multi-disciplinary education that you can use to make better decisions and live a more meaningful and productive life.
  • Wild Pitch: Join host and co-owner of Urban Artifact, Bret Kollmann Baker, each week as he discusses the lastest in beer related news.

Cincinnati native Kevin Allison gained a following as a writer/performer on MTV's The State before going off to create something completely unique: RISK, described as " a live show and podcast where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public." 

Dr. Jillian Scudder is an astrophysicist who teaches at Oberlin College in Ohio. She started a science blog in 2013 called Astroquizzical with an "ask the scientist" structure.

She's been answering questions ever since and recently released a book based on the blog, Astroquizzical: A Curious Journey Through Our Cosmic Family Tree

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  • Everything Is Alive: An unscripted interview show in which all the subjects are inanimate objects. In each episode, a different thing tells us its life story--and everything it says is true.
  • Broken Harts: Two White Moms. Six Black Kids. One Unthinkable Tragedy.
  • Coming off the Reels: We talk movies! Anything from new releases to childhood favorites!

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  • Ear Snacks: A musical podcast for kids about the world.
  • Timestorm: When twelve-year-old twins Alexa and Beni Ventura are sucked into an inter-dimensional portal, they meet a distant cousin who presents them with an incredible mission.
  • Classics for Kids: Introduce children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way.

Charles Bolden, Jr. is a retired Marine Major General and astronaut who most recently was the administrator of NASA.

He joins Dean Regas and guest host Lauren Worley (who worked for Major General Bolden at NASA) to discuss his career and the state of space exploration today.

This week on Start Hear:

This week on Start Hear:

  • More PerfectDive into the rarefied world of the Supreme Court and learn how the cases deliberated inside hallowed halls affect lives far away from the bench.
  • Chapo Trap House: A mix of absurdist comedy and freewheeling commentary, skewering political and media figures and reviewing bad movies and books.
  • Art Palace: Cincinnati Art Museum presents Art Palace, a podcast where cool people meet and then talk about art.


The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles is one of the most iconic structures in the US, featured in a myriad of films and TV shows.

To find out about the mission of the Griffith and its place in pop culture, Dean Regas and Anna Hehman welcome its director, Dr. Edwin Krupp.


Books make great holiday gifts, and books about space make even BETTER gifts!

Children's book author Mary Kay Carson (Beyond the Solar System, Mission to Pluto) joins Dean Regas and Anna Hehman to talk about writing eductional, but fun, books for kids.

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  • Alchemy This: Kevin Pollak has gathered five extraordinarily-talented improvisors to capture lightning in a bottle in the way that only great improv can.
  • Villains: Explore the most interesting, most intimidating, most undeniable movie villains in history.
  • Bengals Beat Podcast: Cincinnati Enquirer Bengals beat writers Jim Owczarski and Paul Dehner Jr., deliver the news, analysis, interviews and observations from inside Paul Brown Stadium.

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  • Still Processing: A culture conversation with Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham.
  • Escape This Podcast: A show that's a mix of escape room puzzles and tabletop role-playing.
  • Five Things: How do the objects we love define us and how can we discover a life story through those objects?


The Hubble Telescope has been an unmitigated success in providing new information about the cosmos. As its days wind down, a new, more powerful telescope called the Webb is preparing to launch.

Dr. Amber Straughn from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center joins Dean Regas and Anna Hehman with information about the bigger, more powerful James Webb Space Telescope.