poetry slam

The Louder Than a Bomb poetry slam was created to give young people a forum to speak out and to be heard. Started in Chicago in 2001, Louder Than a Bomb is the largest youth poetry slam in the world. The poetry contest was brought to Cincinnati in 2015, enabling young people in our region to hear one another’s stories and share experiences through spoken word performances.


More than half of Cincinnati’s youth are living in poverty. Many may not feel like they have a voice. Louder than a Bomb, the world’s largest youth poetry slam, gives them a chance to speak out. Originating in Chicago in 2001, this contest is meant to unite young people, enabling them to hear one another’s stories and share experiences through spoken word. The finals for the local contest will take place April 9 in the Corbett Theater at the School for Creative and Performing Arts.

Louder Than a Bomb poetry slam is coming to Cincinnati on April 18.

  Louder Than a Bomb, the world's largest poetry slam, started in Chicago in 2001 and has now expanded to 15 cities, including Cincinnati.  The event serves as a forum for our city'’s youth to engage one another, and an opportunity for the rest of us to hear about life in Cincinnati from their perspectives. Louder Than a Bomb Cincinnati is phase 2 of the 2013 Future Cities-Livable Cities symposium.



Say the word 'poetry' to kids and they might turn up their noses.  Mention 'hip hop' or 'rap' and they may be more interested. 

But the art forms are very similar; and this weekend hundreds of teenagers will prove it as they show off their skills.