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Ordinarily, a U.S. senator endorsing the president of his own party for re-election would be nothing out of the ordinary.

That's what you would expect the senator to do, right? Under ordinary circumstances, that is.

State Rep. Jeff Hoover and two other Republican lawmakers are suing a former staffer for allegedly violating a confidentiality agreement regarding her allegations of sexual harassment.

State Rep. Jeff Hoover and two others are suing a former staffer for allegedly violating a confidentiality agreement regarding her allegations of sexual harassment.

Hoover, Rep. Michael Meredith of Oakland and former Rep. Jim DeCesare of Bowling Green filed the suit in Fayette Circuit Court on Wednesday, saying that the woman violated the confidentiality agreement shortly after they reached a $110,000 settlement with her, signed on Oct 25, 2017.

The suit alleges that “within minutes of reaching a settlement and executing the settlement agreement,” the then-staffer met her supervisor, Daisy Olivo, and disclosed the settlement.

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I had journalism on my mind at a very early age.

In fact, with my neighborhood buddy Mike Wehmeyer, I was the editor and publisher of a newspaper at the age of 13. Well, sort of a newspaper.

Pete Buttigieg, the 37-year-old Democratic mayor of South Bend, Ind., announced last week that he intends to run for president.

An openly gay man and a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Buttigieg has been identified by top Democrats — including former President Barack Obama – as a potential future leader for the party.

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The field is set for this year's partisan statewide races for Kentucky governor and other constitutional offices like attorney general and secretary of state.


I suppose this debate over whether Ohio is a red state, a purple state, or blue state with a very faint pulse is going to go on for quite a while.

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In 2018, Council Member Tamaya Dennard's office organized the first Girls in Government Day. It was a chance for young women, ages eight to 18, to visit City Hall, meet local elected women and learn about roles in government. Dennard says the event was so successful she had women over the age of 18 asking if they could participate. Now they can.

The election of a third Ohio House Speaker in less than a year caused a shakeup among the minority party as well, and a three-term representative from Akron with a family history in politics has been picked to lead the caucus.

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President Trump signs a bill ending the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. For three weeks. The president says if he doesn't get what he thinks is a fair deal from congress by February 15, the government will shut down again, or he will declare a national emergency to fund a border wall. 

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has announced that his running mate during his re-election campaign this year will be Ralph Alvarado, a state senator and physician from Winchester.

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Giving advice to people who are aspiring to be elected to public office is not something I do. As a politics reporter, that is not my job. I write about them; I analyze their ideas; I sometimes get under their skin and do what I can to hold their feet to the fire.

Kentucky's two U.S Senators both have well-funded political action committees. But the two spend their PAC money in very different ways.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports Republican Mitch McConnell spent the majority of funds last year from his PAC, the Bluegrass Committee, on national, state and local campaigns.

About 80 percent of donations to the Bluegrass Committee came from other PACs, instead of individuals.

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes says she won’t run for governor or any other statewide office this year.

In a statement released Monday, Grimes said that she had been considering a campaign to become Kentucky’s second female governor but ended speculation that she would do so.

“While I am grateful for the confidence, support and friendship from thousands of supporters across this state, I have decided not to run another statewide campaign this year,” Grimes said.

State and local elected officials are getting a raise thanks to a law passed last month. But at least one legislator says he plans to give the amount of the raise away to charity because of the way it came about.

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According to testimony by a former staffer for the Kentucky House Republican caucus, Republican Kentucky Representative Jeff Hoover sexually assaulted her more than 50 times during her employment. The Kentucky Democratic Party is calling for Hoover and another Republican representative, Michael Meredith, to resign. The staffer alleges Meredith screamed vulgar comments at her.

A high-ranking official in the Kentucky Department of Education is no longer employed by the state after an investigation published Tuesday detailed an allegation by a former legislative staffer that he made a sexually suggestive remark.

Kentucky Department of Education communications director Jessica Fletcher confirmed on Wednesday that Brad Montell — the department’s director of government relations and a former state representative — was no longer with the agency.

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Ohio's new governor has changed personas several times in his long, long, long career in politics and now, as Ohio's brand-spanking new governor, seems to be in the process of doing it again.

Kentucky's Republican primary for governor is shaping up to be a three-man race.  William Woods of Grant County filed paperwork with the Secretary of State's Office on Monday.

Woods is a businessman from Corinth who ran unsuccessfully for the state House in 2012.  He’s seeking the GOP nomination for governor alongside running mate Justin Miller of Florence. 

Woods’ campaign platform includes legalizing marijuana and casino gaming as ways to generate additional state revenue.  He’s in favor of keeping public employee pensions at full funding levels while eliminating pensions for state lawmakers. 

The former speaker became the new speaker in a controversial vote, and he’s the first person in almost sixty years to become speaker a second time. And Larry Householder is being described as a masterful politician with a combination of a down-home charm and calculating shrewdness.