Symmes Township

Ann Thompson / WVXU

Montgomery, Sycamore and Symmes townships held a memorial service Tuesday, just across the street from where hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed by a tornado on April 8-9, 1999. The event was meant to look back 20 years and see how far the community had come.

Provided by Clyde Gray

Clyde Gray returns to WCPO-TV to co-host "Cincy Lifestyle" next week, after a detour through WXIX-TV.

Provided by Clyde Gray

After nearly a four-year absence, former news anchor Clyde Gray will return to WCPO-TV on May 7 on a new local weekday lifestyle show.

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Update July 24 at 10:50 a.m.:

John Nelson with the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District says WVXU's story was the first the District had heard of erosion problems along the Little Miami River near the Loveland Castle. He says the group is interested in helping.

Conservation District stream specialist Brian Bohl says Joe Carey was right about honeysuckle trees being part of the problem.

“The root systems do not have much binding capacity with the soil.  They’re not going to do much for holding the banks.  However, the native trees and shrubs are really what we recommend planting,” he says.

“Probably the best tree for this is actually the sycamore tree.  So that’s why you see a lot of sycamores along our streams and river systems  because they actually bind the soils well.”