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While it may seem like all fun and games, the process of actually creating a computer game can be hard work., available for use

It’'s every kid’'s dream come true: a study by the American Psychological Association shows that video games may provide learning, health and even social benefits. 

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A new phenomenon called eSports doesn’'t take place on a field but fills large auditoriums and rooms. These structured video game competitions involve multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, where players have to work together in teams. Students from University of Cincinnati, Miami University, Ohio State, Case Western and Xavier recently came together to form the first All Midwest (AllMid) eSports Gaming Event in early October. It was the biggest Midwest collegiate video gaming tournament to date, drawing more than 1,000 participants.

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If you combine beer, games and nostalgia, you’re going to draw in a large crowd. That’s exactly what 16-Bit Bar + Arcade does. The opening night in early June drew in a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd.