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Local activists are starting a project meant to end violence, racism and fascism. The Musketeer Association is introducing the Protest Pots Monday morning outside the Freedom Center. Names of homicide victims are on plaques mounted in flower pots. Those will then be placed where the person died.

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Neighborhoods United Friday presented its plan for reducing gun violence in Cincinnati. The group says the 45-page document includes tangible steps for increasing neighborhood safety and stability, crafted from meetings with neighborhood and community members.

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A violent weekend in Cincinnati has inspired new calls for a ceasefire. Twenty people were shot, five of them killed in different neighborhoods between Friday and Sunday in what police say were unrelated incidents. People gathered at one of the scenes Tuesday evening to discuss ways to prevent more bloodshed.

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The Cincinnati Police Department is tracking an alarming increase in the number of homicides and shootings in the city for 2020.

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About 100 people marched through the streets of Over-the-Rhine near Grant Park Thursday against the recent spike in violence that has claimed nearly two dozen lives in the city.

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The number of shootings in Cincinnati has been increasing this year, and now the police department is launching an effort to reduce the violence.  

Starting Sunday, 75 officers will be assigned to a Violent Crime Response (VCR) team.

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Seven adults are under indictment following the July 4 unrest on Fountain Square and subsequent beating of a man on Government Square. Four juveniles are also facing charges in the incident and police are looking for two suspects in the beating investigation.

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Cincinnati leaders are driving home a singular message following Saturday's events on Fountain Square that ended with two police officers injured and seven arrests.

They say the city is safe.

Cincinnati's NAACP branch is joining the fight against violence in the city. The group is launching a “change in attitude about violence” campaign. It's called “STAND UP FOR PEACE”.  

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Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black is asking Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell for a 90-day action plan to reduce violence in the city.  Black wants the proposal by Friday.

The number of shooting victims in Cincinnati is increasing. New data shows year-to-date (through May 24) there have been 162 victims this year compared to 133 in 2014.