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OKI Wanna Know

OKI Wanna Know

Perhaps the most hyper-local and Cincinnati-specific of NPR radio station WVXU’s original podcasts, OKI Wanna Know is a write-in show which directly engages with its listeners, answering their nagging questions about stubbornly unexplained things in the Greater Cincinnati area. No other NPR podcasts can tell you as much about your backyard in Ohio, in Indiana or in Northern Kentucky!

Bill Rinehart, local host of WVXU’s broadcast of All Things Considered, dives deep into researching the backstory of each crowdsourced mystery and reports back with his findings twice a month.

Have you ever wondered:

Who owns the Ohio River?
Who plays the organ at the Reds’ stadium?
Why is Short Vine cut off from the rest of Vine Street?
Are speed limits really enforced by aircraft?
Why are neighborhoods like Norwood and Saint Bernard inside of the city of Cincinnati’s limits but not part of it?
Who was Reed Hartman? Fields? Ertel?
What happened to all of the flying pig statues from the Big Pig Gig?

OKI Wanna Know is always accepting questions and queries as part of its mission to shed light on Cincinnati’s puzzling quirks and obscurities, overlooked histories and odd facts hiding in plain sight. If there’s something that’s been bugging you—a baffling conundrum that you can’t for the life of you Google your way out of—submit your question here, and the team of investigators at your local NPR radio station will get straight to the bottom of it. Whether it’s something that every Cincinnatian might wonder or something specific to your street, no inquiry is too arcane for Bill Rinehart and the production crew of OKI Wanna Know.
You can listen to OKI Wanna Know wherever NPR podcasts are found—on streaming services, the NPR One app and a variety of smart devices.