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WVXU answers your questions about the Tri-State. No question is too serious, or too silly!

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Our latest edition of OKI Wanna Know seeks to answer a question about some things that have been around for so long, and are so common, you might not even notice them any more.  How many flying pig statues still exist in the Cincinnati area? 

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Our feature OKI Wanna Know is where we ask you to ask us a question about something you've always wanted to know about, but maybe isn't traditional news. Bill Rinehart returns with the first OKI Wanna Know of 2021.

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OKI Wanna Know is a chance for you to ask the questions you were always afraid to ask, or didn't know who to ask. In this episode, we return to the popular field of place names, and where they come from.

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Our feature OKI Wanna Know is for when you have a nagging question, and you're not sure where to turn. This week, we look at a couple of communities at the intersection of I-75 and the Norwood Lateral.

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OKI Wanna Know is our new feature that tries to get to the bottom of those quirky questions you've always wanted to ask, but didn't know where to start. This week, we head to a Hyde Park street, and its silent stone guardians.

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Updated: Friday, Sept. 4

We asked for your questions in our feature OKI Wanna Know and a number of people asked about the naming of a couple of prominent roads: Reed Hartman Highway and Fields-Ertel. The two intersect so we combined them into one story.

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WVXU started a new feature this summer called OKI Wanna Know, where we answer your questions about things that might not be traditionally newsworthy. In this edition, a query about a piece of land in Hooven, population 534.

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Our new feature, OKI Wanna Know, is a way for you to get an answer to one of life's little mysteries in the Tri-State. It's the story behind those quirky things that make the area what it is. In this edition, WVXU's Bill Rinehart scratches an itch that's bugged him since he first moved to the Central Business District 12 years ago.

Picture a Downtown sidewalk. There's a few trees, a fire hydrant, parking meters and maybe a pole with a triangular black box on top.

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Baseball is a very ear-friendly sport. There's the crack of the bat, the sound of a fastball hitting leather and the roar of the crowd. There might not be fans in America's ballparks as this COVID-shortened season starts - which just might make sound all the more important. Bill Rinehart has more about the organist for the Cincinnati Reds in this chapter of OKI Wanna Know.

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Walk around downtown Cincinnati and you'll find statues of three presidents: William Henry Harrison, James Garfield and Abraham Lincoln. What you won't find is a statue honoring the one president who was actually born in Cincinnati. WVXU's Bill Rinehart wondered why in the new series, OKI Wanna Know.

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Jan 13, 2020