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Can I hear again a story I heard on NPR?
The NPR website provides extensive audio archives for their programs. You can listen online to complete programs or individual segments dating back several years.

Can I get a transcript of a story I heard on NPR?
The NPR website has transcripts for many of their programs, as well as individual segments.

Website, Online Audio & E-mail

How do I listen to WVXU online?
WVXU streams online via our website, a free mobile app, and on smart speakers. For a full list of methods, check out our "Listen" page.

I'm having trouble receiving my e-mail updates or newsletter. Is something wrong?
Spam filters and network outages can sometimes wreak havoc on e-mail communications. If you're experiencing a recurring issue, please contact us via email.

How do I subscribe to your e-mail list?
Visit this page for a selection of newsletter options.

How do I unsubscribe from your e-mail list?
You can opt out of all email communication (including membership information such as thank-you gift selections), here. If you'd like to pick and choose which subscriptions to keep, MailChimp uses a secure link for each individual user. Simply select "update preferences" at the bottom of a recent newsletter to get started.

Supporting WVXU

I have a question or concern about my WVXU membership. Who do I contact?
For any questions regarding your membership, please call Aron Back at 513-419-7115 or Milan Weaver at 513-419-7118.

When am I due to renew my membership? When did I last give, and how much?
For any questions regarding your membership, please call Milan Weaver at 513-419-7118.

How do I inform you of an address change?
For any questions regarding your membership, please call Milan Weaver at 513-419-7118.

How do I change the credit card you use to deduct my membership contribution?
For any questions regarding your membership, please call Milan Weaver 513-419-7118.

Is my contribution tax deductible?
Yes! Your contribution to WVXU is tax deductible, minus the fair market value of any "thank you gift" you accept in return for your contribution. You will receive a statement from WVXU containing the amount of your gift that is tax deductible. For any questions regarding your membership, please call Milan Weaver 513-419-7118.

Can I give at any time, or do I have to wait for an on-air fund drive?
We encourage you to give today! Your contributions throughout the year will always "buy back" hours that we would spend fundraising on the air. You can give to WVXU anytime either by using our secure online form or by calling our membership department at 513-419-7155.

Are these on-air fund drives really necessary?
Yes, WVXU's on-air fund drives play an important role in gathering new members, meeting our operating budget and keeping public radio in Cincinnati going strong. While we do air membership drives three times per year (in, roughly, January, May and September), we use detailed research to consistently reduce the hours spent asking for contributions from listeners.Your contribution at any time throughout the year always helps reduce on-air fundraising hours. You can give to WVXU anytime either by using our secure online form or by calling our membership department at 513-419-7118.


How do I advertise on WVXU?
You can learn all about underwriting on WVXU on our Sponsorships page, or you can call our Corporate Sales Department, at 513-419-7110.


Who owns the WVXU broadcast license?
On Monday, August 22, 2005, the sale of WVXU and its affiliated stations to Cincinnati Public Radio, Inc. was finalized. At this point Cincinnati Public Radio became the official license holder for 91.7 WVXU. Cincinnati Public Radio, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation established in 1994 to operate 90.9 WGUC. It is governed by a Board of Directors.

Where does WVXU's money come from?
More than 70% of WVXU's revenue comes from the community-through contributions from individual members and businesses. Additional revenue comes from federal, state and local sources; grants from foundations; and income from events, studio rentals, merchandise sales, etc. A breakdown of WVXU's revenues and expenditures is available online. Learn more about the federal funding received by WVXU.

Is the government discontinuing funding of public broadcasting?
Thank you for your interest and concern about the future of public broadcasting. It is because of listeners like you that WVXU is able to serve the Greater Cincinnati community with the finest in news, information and entertainment programming. There are members however, who continue to call Congress for defunding public broadcasting. If they are successful, the effort would be devastating to stations across the country. From time to time, WVXU receives inquiries about an e-mail chain petition that discusses attempts by some members of Congress to eliminate public broadcasting funding. This e-mail petition is not current, but dates back to 1995. At that time, two well-meaning students at the University of Northern Colorado started the petition. Due to tremendous grassroots support at that time, Congress did not eliminate funding for public broadcasting in 1995. Rather, the appropriation was significantly reduced for a few years. It's worth noting that a recent Roper poll found that Americans list public radio and television second only to national defense when it comes to rating the value of programs supported by government largess. You can find out more about CPB's annual appropriations from Congress from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The funds that WVXU receives from the Corporation for Broadcasting amount to less than 7% of our operating budget. If you are looking for a way to help maintain this funding source, you can write to your representatives in Congress and encourage them to continue to support public broadcasting. You can also register your support at Protect My Public Media.

WVXU Station Contacts & Opportunities

Where are you located?
Our studios are in the Crosley Telecommunications Center at 1223 Central Parkway, Downtown Cincinnati.

Can I take a tour of the station?
Yes, you can! For more information, contact Kevin Reynolds at (513) 419-7104 or

Can I volunteer at the station?
We are always looking for volunteers during fund drives. Volunteers answer pledge calls and enter the data directly into a computer. Visit our volunteers page for more information.

Are the job openings at the station?
We list any available positions on the Cincinnati Public Radio website. WVXU is an equal opportunity employer.