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Start Hear

One problem with an abundance of choice is that, sometimes, the noise can drown out the signal—there’s something seemingly tailor-made for everyone, but that means it’s that much harder to sift through and discover your own goldilocks preference, even among the best podcasts.

In the same way that it’s difficult to find local musicians that fit your taste without a mixtape from a friend or a showcase at a neighborhood bar, with over nine hundred thousand podcasts and thirty million episodes available on streaming services today (which means, assuming an average length per episode of forty-three minutes, twenty-one and a half million hours of podcast content), it's nearly impossible to know where to begin.

If the wide world of podcasts is a haystack full of elusive needles, Start Hear is your friendly neighborhood pin cushion, offering up a motley selection of sharp picks from the best podcasts every week so you can be wise to the best podcasts on offer from your city and nationwide and NPR podcasts from member stations in cities across the country.

Hosted by WVXU’s own Tripp Eldredge, Start Hear always keeps you guessing with a Russian roulette randomness that promises suggestions of the trendy and up-and-coming from all corners of the internet—popular NPR podcasts mixed in with top picks from independent producers nationwide as well as hometown favorites.

One episode might (and almost always does) include such disparate topics as unsolved murders and Chippendale Dancers, medical history and the restaurant industry, Hollywood behind the scenes and blood banking, funeral homes and country music (and yes, each pairing of subjects here appears together in a single episode from our archives). Whether you want to hear more about a particular topic or find local musicians, Start Hear will point you in the right direction with weekly episodes and a deep back catalog of featured podcasts.

You can listen to Start Hear wherever NPR podcasts are found—on streaming services, the NPR One app, or on a variety of smart speakers and devices.

Plus, don't miss the Start Hear Collections for more Cincinnati Public Radio podcasts, curated recommendations from Tripp, the staff and listeners of WVXU. You can make a recommendation too!

Latest Episodes
  • Start Hear: The Radio Priest, Getting Medieval and The Cannoli Guy
  • Science Vs: Finds out what's fact, what's not, and what's somewhere in between.WeCrashed: A story of hope and hubris, big money and bigger screwups.Lets Not Tell Abby: We plan our lives out a day at a time, but the advice we give is timeless.
  • This Podcast Will Kill You: Each episode tackles a different disease, from its history, to its biology, and finally, how scared you need to be.The Margaret Cho: Join Margaret for a series of intimate interviews.The Good, The Bard, and the Ugly: Explore the wealth of Shakespeare-centric entertainment that can be enjoyed right from the comfort of your living room!
  • Maintenance Phase: Wellness & weight loss, debunked & decoded.http://maintenancephase.com/Anything for Selena: In this intimate journey, Maria Garcia explores what Selena's legacy shows us about belonging in America.https://www.wbur.org/anythingforselenaThrough the Cracks: Through the Cracks investigates gaps in our society and the people who fall through them.https://www.npr.org/podcasts/959614430/through-the-cracks
  • This week on Start Hear:Suspect: A series about cutting-edge science and mislaid justice, race and policing, and the kinds of weighty choices that cops and prosecutors make every day.Hot White Heist: Follow Jude "Judy" Fink and a crew of misfits from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum as they attempt the stickiest heist in history.Storytime with Seth Rogan: Every week Seth asks somebody, "Do you have a great story? And if you do, will you tell it on my podcast?" That's it.
  • Phoebe Reads a Mystery: Phoebe Judge reads a mystery novel, chapter by chapter.Sandra: Helen thought her new job would help her forget her dreary hometown, but working behind the curtain on everyone's favorite A.I. isn't quite the escape she expected.The Cincy Shirts Podcast: It's all Cincy, all the time, discussing the past, present, and future of the Queen City.
  • Go Fact Yourself: This game show features comedians, actors and musicians answering arcane questions on topics they claim to be experts in.Have You Seen This Man? Join the real-time nationwide manhunt for escaped Ohio death row inmate Lester Eubanks.Wesearch: Em Meurer talks to researchers to find out what gets them excited about learning and make understanding research fun!
  • This week on Start Hear:Her Money With Jean Chatzky: Jean Chatzky takes every audience of women through the steps they need to take today to live comfortably and worry-free tomorrow.The Side Hustle Show: The podcast for part-time entrepreneurs who are looking for business ideas.BBB Cincinnati Presents: Information you need to know to work better, buy better, give better - live better.
  • This week on Start Hear:In Strange Woods: After a tragedy in the Whitetail National Forest, 18-year-old Peregrine Wells seeks out survivalist skills from an enigmatic old recluse.Driving The Green Book: Alvin Hall and Janee Woods Weber drive from Detroit to New Orleans, collecting powerful, personal testimony about how Black Americans used the The Negro Motorist's Green Book during the height of segregation.West End Stories: Re-live the experiences of individuals who lived in the neighborhood in the late 1900's.
  • This week on Start Hear:F*cking Sober: The First 90 Days: An unflinching semi-comedic mostly nonfictional narrative podcast about the first 90 days of being f*cking sober.Propaganda! The Podcast Musical: Rookie doesn't know much about his family business--but then again neither does the American Public.Cincinnati Playhouse’s Pod Play: You'll be guided through the space as the story unfolds, interacting with the same views, spots and markers as the characters in the story you're streaming.