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Sober Curiosity: More Than Dry January

A special program from our friends at American Public Media & WUNC's Embodied.

How often do you stop to examine your drinking habits? While many Americans started drinking more in the pandemic, another cohort committed to sober curiosity: a movement encouraging introspection about your relationship with alcohol.

Embodied host Anita Rao examines the tenets and experiences of sober curiosity through a conversation with two people who collectively have close to two decades of sobriety experience. J. Nicole Jones is the co-host of the “Sober Black Girls Club” and Tawny Lara is a New York City-based millennial who writes about the intersection of sobriety and sexuality as The Sober Sexpert. The two reflect on how their sobriety journeys have shaped everything from their romantic and platonic relationships to their careers and thoughts about the future. The episode also features an array of produced and scored listener voice montages featuring diverse perspectives on evolving relationships with alcohol.

In preparation for this special program, 91.7 WVXU Program Director, Jenell Walton, stopped by Homemakers Bar in Cincinnati to sample one of the establishment's many "mocktails."

Special thanks to Michael Nauer, Beverage Director of Homemakers Bar.