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Jay Hanselman brings more than 10 years experience as a news anchor and reporter to 91.7 WVXU. He came to WVXU from WNKU, where he hosted the local broadcast of All Things Considered.  Hanselman has been recognized for his reporting by the Kentucky AP Broadcasters Association, the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists, and the Ohio AP Broadcasters.

Hanselman covers Cincinnati City Hall for WVXU.

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Cincinnati Council Member Wendell Young has apologized to Kyle Plush's family for remarks he made Tuesday during a council committee meeting that upset them.

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A Cincinnati city council committee listened to more than five hours of testimony Tuesday as city leaders try to figure out what went wrong when a 16-year-old who was trapped in a minivan called 911 twice, but never received the emergency help he needed.

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The full Cincinnati Council debated the proposal to build an FC Cincinnati stadium in the West End Monday, ultimately passing the deal in a 5-4 vote.

Jim Nolan / WVXU

Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger resigns amid an FBI investigation. Cincinnati City Council's plan to investigate City Manager Harry Black draws the city into a lawsuit. Over continued objections from many West End residents, it looks as if that neighborhood will be the home of FC Cincinnati's new soccer stadium. And the Rev. Jesse Jackson brings his call to boycott The Kroger Co. to its corporate doorstep, and raises his objections to the West End stadium location.

Hamilton County now has a system to warn residents about emergencies and other important information. 

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Efforts to save the former King Records studio building in Evanston are a step closer to becoming reality.

Bill Rinehart / WVXU

Cincinnati, the city's Park Board and the Parks Foundation have reached an agreement on who controls and accounts for endowment money used for park projects.

The Park Board will hold a special meeting Monday morning to consider the memorandum of understanding.

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Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley says he'll present an ordinance next week to hire outside counsel to conduct interviews with city employees about City Manager Harry Black, and present a report for City Council.

harry black john cranley
Provided/City of Cincinnati

A Cincinnati Council majority Wednesday rejected an 18-month severance package for City Manager Harry Black.

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Cincinnati Council Member Wendell Young said Tuesday he'll meet with the U.S. Attorney's office about a phone call with Mayor John Cranley that could involve potential bribery.

harry black john cranley
Provided/City of Cincinnati

The future of Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black will likely be discussed and debated for at least another week.

harry black john cranley
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Cincinnati Council's Law and Public Safety Committee has unanimously approved a nearly $424,000 separation agreement for City Manager Harry Black.

But five Democratic council members said Sunday they still oppose such a deal, so the ordinance approving the agreement is likely to fail when the full council votes Wednesday.

harry black john cranley
Provided/City of Cincinnati

Updated 03/18/18 at 4:00 p.m.:  Five Democratic Cincinnati City Council members said Sunday they don't support an agreement announced Saturday for City Manager Harry Black to leave this position.

harry black john cranley
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Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley announced Wednesday he is beginning the process to remove City Manager Harry Black from office.

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Hamilton County may have enough flood damage to qualify for federal and state disaster aid. Emergency Management Director Nick Crossley says one building was destroyed, 59 had major damage, and more than 350 had minor damage.

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What's described as the Super Bowl of economic development is coming to Cincinnati starting next week.

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Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black on Friday morning provided the "release and settlement agreement" between the city and now former Executive Assistant Police Chief David Bailey.

Michael E. Keating / WVXU

The second in command at the Cincinnati Police Department is now off the force.

Executive Assistant Police Chief David Bailey was told early Thursday to either resign or he would be fired.

Michael E. Keating / WVXU

Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black said Wednesday there's a "small, fringe element" in the city's police department that's committed to disrupting what's good about the agency.  

Black's comments came after a newspaper report questioned overtime spending by the police department.  

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Bill Rinehart / WVXU

Cincinnati council has for now rejected an attempt to delay the implementation of the city's responsible bidder ordinance.  

There were not enough votes to call for a "pause" Wednesday and the issue is likely to be debated again next week.  

Jay Hanselman / WVXU

There are lots of problems with the Cincinnati streetcar, the biggest among them is perhaps the lack of a good management system.  

Assistant City Manager John Juech told a Cincinnati Council committee Tuesday there isn't a single person who's in charge and empowered to make decisions

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Bill Rinehart / WVXU

Companies getting "Job Creation Tax Credits" from Cincinnati could soon have to pay a minimum qualifying wage to get those credits.

Jay Hanselman / WVXU

Many people associate Harsha Lake at East Fork State Park in Clermont County with boating and recreation. While those activities are important, that's not the reason it was built.

Bill Rinehart / WVXU

Cincinnati officials are declaring a state of emergency as flood cleanup begins, but it's not a bad thing.

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Updated 7:00 p.m.

A Cincinnati council committee and the Cincinnati Public School (CPS) board say they will not be rushed into making a decision about a proposed FC Cincinnati stadium in the West End.

The two groups that will make a final decision on the stadium location question held a joint meeting Tuesday.

FC Cincinnati / Provided

A Cincinnati Council committee and the Cincinnati Public School (CPS) Board are holding a joint meeting Tuesday afternoon and the proposed FC Cincinnati stadium for the West End is on the agenda.

Jay Hanselman / WVXU

Updated 2/25/18 at 10:35 p.m.

The National Weather Service Sunday night confirmed two tornadoes touched down early Sunday morning in Clermont and Brown Counties.

guns with red circle and line across.

Cincinnati City Council is asking Ohio legislators to implement a statewide ban on the sale and purchase of assault weapons and semiautomatic firearms with large ammunition magazines.

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A Franklin County, Ohio Common Pleas Court judge ruled Wednesday the state of Ohio can setup a centralized collection system for municipal income taxes.

Cincinnati and several other Ohio cities and villages filed a lawsuit challenging a recent state law on the issue.

A Cincinnati council majority isn't happy the city's retirement board has no plans right now to divest in the holdings the pension fund has in private prisons.  

A council majority asked for that in December.