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All City Employees To Undergo Implicit And Explicit Bias Training

The full Cincinnati Council approved an ordinance Wednesday directing the city manager to set up implicit and explicit bias training.

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Ohioans who have been waiting to get medical marijuana in Ohio don't have to wait any longer.  

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Two parking garages north of the Duke Energy Convention Center will soon be under new ownership and new management. The Port is buying the garages at 609 Elm and 605 Plum with an eye on nearby development.

Kentucky has one of the nation’s fastest-growing organ donor registries, but a change in driver’s license rules could hamper that growth. 

Most organ donors register when they receive or renew their driver’s license.  When Kentucky begins rolling out new standard licenses and voluntary travel IDs in March, drivers 21 years and older have the option of renewing their licenses every four or eight years. 

molly wellmann
Courtesy of Molly Wellmann

Molly Wellmann has been keeping a secret.

In December, Nightclub & Bar, the bar world's major trade organization based in Las Vegas, told Wellmann, owner of Japp's and Myrtle's Punch House, that she was nominated for their Best Bartender/Owner of the Year award. A week ago, she found out that she was picked unanimously for this prestigious award, making her the first winner in Cincinnati, or even outside of New York, San Francisco or Las Vegas. 

The state department of transportation has a bigger job than usual in changing the 36 road signs at Ohio’s borders that feature the new governor’s name. 

The partial government shutdown is now in its 26th day, stretching the already record-length closure of some federal agencies. In Louisville, some of Senator Mitch McConnell’s constituents hold him responsible. But,  other residents are more concerned about their well-being than whether the Senate Majority Leader is to blame. 

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Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown took a step towards a 2020 presidential campaign, announcing a tour of states holding early presidential primaries next year.

Seeking to counter President Trump's appeal to white, working-class voters that helped him flip Ohio and other key midwestern states, Brown is launching a "Dignity of Work" tour through Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

When the woman who would become known as Jane Doe started working for the Kentucky House Republican caucus in 2015, she remembers a senior staffer saying her responsibility was “to keep Jeff Hoover happy.”

At the time, the woman was 21. Ky. Representative Jeff Hoover of Jamestown was the leader of the Republican minority in the state House of Representatives. Within two years, Hoover would become the first Republican speaker of the House in nearly a century.

mike dewine
Joshua A. Bickel / The Columbus Dispatch via AP

Ohio's new governor has changed personas several times in his long, long, long career in politics and now, as Ohio's brand-spanking new governor, seems to be in the process of doing it again.

fifth third shooting
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A recruiting crisis is shaking police departments across the country. It's getting tougher to bring on new recruits and the ranks are sliming as officers reach retirement age and others leave after less than a year on the force.


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fifth third shooting
Bill Rinehart / WVXU

Cincinnati's Police Shortage And The Nationwide Recruiting Crisis

A recruiting crisis is shaking police departments across the country. It's getting tougher to bring on new recruits and the ranks are sliming as officers reach retirement age and others leave after less than a year on the force.

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