Sharonville Fine Arts Center

Movie Preview: James Gandolfini film retrospective

Aug 16, 2013

People notice when celebrities die, as they always get top billing on the news, and in discussions around the water cooler. But sometimes even the most jaded are taken aback at such an event. Such was the case a few weeks ago with the death of James Gandolfini at age 51. Starting in 1987 with a bit role in an unreleased film, Gandolfini worked his way through the ranks in Hollywood, playing in such films as True Romance, Get Shorty, and The Mexican, until he hit the motherlode of stardom with the role of Tony Soprano in HBO’s hit series The Sopranos. For eighty-six episodes of this dissection of a mob boss and his dysfunctional family, James Gandolfini commanded the home screen and won a Golden Globe and several Emmys for his efforts.