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How Gardening Can Build Communities And Provide Physical And Mental Therapy

Wikimedia Commons

Many people garden to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, others find gardening is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. It can also be a way to bring people together and build community.

And gardening is also being used more and more as therapy for those experiencing emotional or mental difficulties, with many organizations and health care providers offering horticulture programs.

Joining us to discuss gardening as a community-building and therapy tool areCampbell County Extension Office Horticulture Agent Sarah Stolz; and Co-owner of Homeadow Song Farm and Director of the Community Garden Program at Turner Farm, Peter Huttinger.

For information on classes and events in Campbell County, click here. For the Campbell County Extension Horticultural Newsletter, click here.

For more information on community gardens and horticultural therapy programs, visit:

Turner Farm

Civic Garden Center

The Franciscan Community Garden

Boone County Extension Office

East End Veteran's Memorial Garden

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