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Lights, camera, dollars to Greater Cincinnati & Ohio

Greater Cincinnati is just beginning to see the results of an Ohio cash rebate for film makers that appears to be bringing the movie industry back.  Here are a few of the fifteen movies made or being made in the last two years in Ohio, including Johnny Longshot which will film in March:

  • Christmas Spirit
  • Bad Grandpa
  • Captain America 2
  • Jenny's Wedding
  • Draft Day

The late 1980s and the 1990s were a heyday for Cincinnati's film industry with more than 45 movies shot here. But then the movies went away as Hollywood realized it was cheaper to make films abroad. Five years ago Ohio established a cash rebate program, now considered one of the top five in the country.
Specifics of the deal

It's a 25% cash rebate with a $20 million cap. Movie makers are eligible for a 35% rebate if they employ Ohioans. This is more conservative than other states and seems to be working well. The executive director of the Greater Cincinnati and NKY Film Commission Kristen Erwin says an economic impact study two years ago showed for every dollar Ohio was investing, $1.20 was going back in the economy. Cincinnati's $75,000 investment in the film commission is netting $30 million a year.

The movies are creating jobs in Cincinnati

Erwin points to The Painted Chef, a high-end catering company. Owner and chef David Cioffi says for the Christmas Spirit he hired four new employees and he'll probably hire at least another four or five if he gets some of the bigger budget films. Erwin says Midwest Grip & Lighting is also benefiting.

Be an extra

Just this weekend Erwin is scouting out a new movie with a director. She says 2014 is going to be a huge year for Cincinnati in film. She suggests the commission's Facebook page to keep up to date and find out how you can be an extra or suggest a location.