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For the first time in two decades, Butler County is putting together a transit plan

Butler County Regional Transit Authority

Butler County's bus service is getting ready to re-envision itself — but it needs residents to weigh in.

The Butler County Regional Transit Authority is working to determine where it can make improvements to bus service throughout the region — and how to fund those improvements.

The effort is the first of its kind in the county in at least 20 years, BCRTA Executive Director Matthew Dutkevicz says.

"We've never really taken a comprehensive look at the whole county and said, 'OK, if we're looking at regional patterns, where the needs really are; where should we be putting service?' " he says.

The improvements could include new service in and between the towns of Hamilton and Middletown; increased connectivity to Miami University, and more help for commuters heading to work; and more links to Cincinnati's Metro system. BCRTA is also looking at on-demand and rideshare-like services.

Dutkevicz says there are at least two scenarios for each potential improvement that the public will be able to weigh in on. The planning process will kick off with rounds of community engagement next month.

BCRTA will hold virtual public focus groups on various proposals for the bus system at the following times:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 6 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 9 at noon
  • Thursday, Nov. 10 at 9 a.m.

Residents can register for those focus groups at You can also leave your feedback via aninteractive mapand take an online survey.

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